Filmin, how it works and advantages of this alternative to Netflix


Still haven't gone crazy with so much subscription? If you are one of those who cannot live without Netflix, but you have been hooked on an HBO series, you cannot stop ordering through Amazon Prime and above all you do not want to hear a single ad on Spotify, you may not mind adding one Subscribe more to this list.

Today we want to talk to you about Filmin, another streaming content platform from which you can enjoy a wide variety of films, series, documentaries, cartoons and even short films. But beware, it is not a common platform. We could say that Filmin is a space for alternative cinema.

Although we can find great gems of cinema in general - ranging from timeless classics to very recent releases - this is a platform that will be appreciated and savored by those who are not satisfied with what is on the billboard. For this reason, beyond popcorn and Saturday afternoon outings, it can be an interesting and economical alternative to enjoy the best cinema in the comfort of home.

Haven't you made up your mind yet? Today we are going to explore the features and options of Filmin , its catalog and prices, so that you can make the decision to add a new subscription to the list or even ditch all the others to keep this one. Let's go there!

Filmin, how it works and advantages of this alternative to Netflix 1

What can I find in Filmin?

Let's start at the beginning to find out what exactly Filmin is and what I can find here. You may have already gotten the idea that this is a Netflix-style platform for movies, series and documentaries, but with slightly different content. If you are looking for the fashion series, you will not find it here, because ... it will either be on Netflix, on HBO or on Movistar. We are facing an alternative option, with series not as well known as Stranger Things, Chernobyl or The Handmaid's Tale, but perfectly valid for those who appreciate quality content.

Between films, series and documentaries, Filmin offers viewers no more and no less than 10,000 titles, which is said soon. However, it is a much lower catalog than Netflix, which reaches 100,000 and adds more than one hundred (on average) releases per month.

But if you are one of those who is impressed more by quality than quantity, Filmin may be the perfect home for you. Here you will find movies that will more or less suit your personal tastes, but you will not find bad material. That is, you may not support Lars von Trier films, but you may be a lover of Wim Wenders or enjoy the most alternative titles in Spanish cinema.

Whatever you are, you should know that Filmin is an eminently cultural platform , in which you can enjoy enormously if you are a connoisseur of the seventh art and if you are looking for something beyond what the vast majority see. Something that we especially like about Filmin and that is undoubtedly an added value are the recommendations. Within the Collections section you can find suggestive movie collections, under titles such as What Trump does not see, Writers' lives, Bodorrios, Zero gravity, Empty Spain, Fourth Millenniums, Asian Noir, etc.


Who would we recommend it to?

As we said, Filmin is not a common content platform. If you enjoy discussing the most famous series of the moment with your friends and family, surely you have to keep betting on Netflix or HBO. There you will find great titles - many of them good - and you will not waste time rambling through a catalog full of specialized content .

That is, in Filmin you can find a little of everything, but it will be much easier for you to feel comfortable on this platform if you are a regular reader, if you enjoy watching documentaries about writers, if you are passionate about recovering underground classics or if you are completely open to receive daring cultural recommendations.

If you want to disappear from Netflix for a while, because you are looking for something with more chicha , Filmin may be the place you are looking for. If not, don't unsubscribe yet : you may want to return to the arms of the popular shortly. On the other hand, if you don't have an alternative cinema nearby or you spend too much money on weekly premieres, the total price for which you will have access to the Filmin catalog will be much more advantageous. This is, like Netflix, HBO or other platforms, a great way to save. And you make the popcorn at home.


Is there content for kids?

To tell the truth, the reason why a server switched to Filmin was precisely that: the content for kids . On all platforms you can find children's movies, but the truth is that in the catalogs there is a lot of trash and antiques. Filmin, on the other hand, offers an interesting catalog of well-made and calm cinema, with which to give the little ones. Because they should not be underestimated, ever.

If you are demanding with what you see, why not be demanding with what children see? In the KIDS section of Filmin you will find a lot of quality European content. We especially liked the selections of short films and stories inspired by literary classics, such as Ernest & Celestine or Gordon and Paddy .

They are a good formula to discover books that you did not know and to inspire children with respectful, motivating stories that are truly adapted to their rhythm and age . If you have one or more at home, you will enjoy it. And you will save a good spike in tickets.


What are the prices and modalities?

Let's go to another important question. Prices. Especially if you are thinking of adding Filmin to your subscription list. You can choose between four different plans: 

  • Basic Monthly Subscription: 7.99 euros / month
  • Basic Annual Subscription: 84 euros / year (you save almost 12 euros)
  • Monthly Plus Subscription: 14.99 euros / year (includes 3 vouchers)
  • Annual Plus Subscription: 120 euros / year (you save almost 60 euros) (includes 25 vouchers)

What makes the subscriptions different? Well, very simple. In principle, all subscribers have access to 10,000 titles, all series, two simultaneous screens, offline content for the mobile app, and the ability to cancel at any time.

Those who sign up for the Plus plans, whether in the monthly or annual mode, will also have a certain number of vouchers , which represent access to the movies that have the symbol of a diamond. Do not be scared: there are very few, usually premieres that may eventually be accessible to everyone.

From all subscriptions you will be able to enjoy the contents on Apple TV, Chromecast, PC, Mac, Smart TV, Android TV, PlayStation and mobile phones, from the Filmin apps for iOS and Android.