Nintendo offers you $ 20,000 if you manage to hack the 3DS

Nintendo 3DS console

If your technical knowledge exceeded the level "Change the batteries to the remote control" a long time ago, you are waiting for the new Nintendo Switch to arrive like May water , and you have the 3DS a little parked because Pokémon GO has absorbed your life (and that of your mobile battery), you might still be interested in dusting it off a bit. Nintendo has coordinated with HackerOne, a platform to search for technological vulnerabilities and hunt for "bugs", and has launched a program that will pay between $ 100 and $ 20,000 to anyone who manages to hack your portable console . We assume that $ 20,000 will be enough to buy a Switch ... but you never know.

You may not have thought that hacking a 3DS could be a good plan for this bridge, but $ 20,000 makes anyone's day. Nintendo makes it clear that this challenge is focused on receiving information that helps prevent piracy , ie, make "bugs" that can bypass security restrictions, modify installed applications, running games unoriginal , install unofficial applications or disseminate content not appropriate for minors. In short, getting your handheld to do things that it isn't supposed to do. Taking the 3DS to fit a table is an unanticipated use but it is not worth it, sorry.

New Nintendo 3DS display

The reward ranges from $ 100 to $ 20,000 because not all security holes are as holes as they seem. Only those that can be easily exploited and allow unauthorized programs to be run will win the jackpot . But if you want to fill the bed with bills and wallow on them, you must take into account certain keys . The payment of the reward is the responsibility of Nintendo , and although they talk in dollars, there is no need to fear when it comes to switching to euros, since the anti-piracy program is global. You have to be the first to report the existence of the "bug" you have caught, and you cannot reveal it to anyone elsethe bug you found in the system. To nobody. You will have to convince your dear mother that she should be proud of you for hanging around the console all day, without telling her why. It's cruel, but hey ... $ 20,000!

Nintendo doesn't get serious about this just because. Those who are dedicated to testing technology love to spread flowers and publish their research (after the responsible company has corrected the fault), but at Shigeru Miyamoto's house they are aware that someone may find a hole that cannot be cover . Sometimes it is physically impossible, but most of the time it is because there are people who do not know that their console can connect to the Internet and download security patches.

Nintendo switch

In its statement, the company is committed to improving the user experience according to the discoveries that are made, but it is also true that the Nintendo 3DS has been fighting for a few years. Therefore, getting to gut the console at this point could also serve as a prevention strategy against the juicy launches that are to come.