How to buy textbooks for the academic year 2019-20 through Amazon


Buying the textbooks for the 2019-20 academic year should not have any secrets . You shouldn't have it if it weren't because they are very expensive and, on average, a family with a secondary or high school student can spend between 200 and 300 euros per wing. An amount that costs and for which there are alternatives, such as buying second-hand textbooks or the discounts (although minimal) offered by some online stores.

The option of acquiring used books may not be entirely feasible for you. Either because you do not find them well priced, because shipping costs you more than new books or because you simply have not found the editions you are looking for , either for yourself or for your children.

In that case, you will have no choice but to buy new ones to have them ready for the first day of class, which will be in a few weeks. If you are an Amazon customer or you are a Prime (paid subscription customer), this can be an interesting alternative to save shipping costs and get a discount.

Today we tell you how to easily order and buy the textbooks for the next school year 2019-20 . Keep reading this guide to get to work as soon as possible.


Are you an Amazon Prime customer?

Lets start by the beginning. A good way to obtain advantages when purchasing products, in this case textbooks, through Amazon Prime, is by being a customer of this service. This will pay off if you regularly make purchases on Amazon and you think you will continue to use it all year long. Because if it is about making a one-time purchase, it is most likely that it is useless to pay 36 euros per year , which is what the Prime subscription currently costs (it should be remembered, that before it was only 20 euros per year).

The shipping costs of the textbooks you buy will be free, but if it is a single order (because you do not plan to buy more on Amazon), it will be more profitable to pay the postage than to pay the 36 euros that we have indicated. . Be that as it may, at this point we must clarify what the famous Prime subscription includes. In this way you can assess whether you are really interested or not.

  • Free overnight shipping on two million products (this is not all, of course, so keep that in mind)
  • Subscription to Prime Video, a service that includes series and movies (like Netflix, but with a more limited catalog)
  • Ad-free music through Prime Music
  • Hundreds of Kindle eBooks with Prime Reading
  • Unlimited photo storage in Amazon Photos
  • Extra content on Twitch Prime

Look for the books

Once the terms of the Amazon Prime service have been clarified , it will be time to search for the books you need. Keep the list that your school or institute has provided to hand, because you will need it for a long time (especially if you have several books to buy, which is the most normal).

The search can be done in different ways . You have the option of typing in the name of the book, but to avoid misunderstandings, the most reliable is to use the ISBN number, which is the code that identifies the volume in question. You can also search for books by course (Infant, Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate) or, if you prefer, go directly to the list made by your center.


The latter is a very useful option, especially for those schools, fathers and mothers or AMPAs that have registered on Amazon . All you have to do is access this website: //, made in collaboration with the sales platform. Then:

  • Find the name of your children's school (or yours) and select it from the list
  • Select the course that interests you (Infant, Primary, ESO or Baccalaureate, as appropriate)
  • Then, you will get the list of books proposed for the 2019-20 academic year
  • Are you going to buy them all? If the answer is yes, click on the Add all to cart button
  • If you are only going to buy one, add them individually to the basket
  • The order will go directly to Amazon and all you have to do is make the payment

If you cannot find your school or institute on the list , it is most likely that it has not been registered by anyone. In that case, you will have no choice but to do a search yourself for all the books you need. You can also do it if there are problems and with some agility if what you use is the ISBN number.


Place the order

Ordering is very easy. If you already know how Amazon works, we don't have to explain anything to you. Although we must remind you that if you had planned to subscribe to Prime, it will be necessary that you do so before placing the order. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of being a premium customer.

If you have been able to retrieve a list of textbooks, just add them all to the basket. But if not, you will have to do it one by one. Simply when accessing the book file that interests you, click on the yellow Add to cart button . Go back to the search for the other books and repeat the procedure: like this until you have added to the basket all the textbooks you need.

From there, all you have to do is click on the Process order button and choose the shipping method. If you are a Prime customer, you will get it shortly and, in principle, without having to pay shipping costs. If not, select the method that interests you the most or the one that works best for you. Make sure to do the management as soon as possible to avoid shipping mishaps. Back to school is very close!


Get a discount of 10 euros

In principle, Amazon is a good way to get the best price when buying books. But there are other options to get discounts. From August 16 to September 30, a promotional campaign has been launched, giving 10 euros of discount on future purchases, if a minimum of 90 euros has been spent on primary and secondary school textbooks. The others do not enter the promotion.

This voucher of 10 euros can be used in the next purchase of products, within (yes) the products of the Store back to school, as long as Amazon sells them, within the categories of Office and Stationery, Fashion, Backpacks and computer .

The promotional code that you will receive at the time of purchasing textbooks can be exchanged until October 30 of this year 2019. Then, to take advantage of it, at the time of processing the order you will have to enter the code you have obtained within the field Add a gift voucher or promotional code. This discount will be applied directly to your shopping cart, in this case for school supplies.

You should know, on the other hand, that this 10 euro discount cannot be exchanged for money and cannot be transferred from one account to another. Nor does it accumulate with other offers.


Manage a return

The return policy for textbooks is special and specific, in the sense that there is a very specific deadline to do it. It is important that you keep this in mind, especially if you make a mistake with a book or it is defective, because surely what interests you is to receive it as soon as possible at your home so that your children can start at school or institute with all the material they need. need.

If it is your mistake, we will remind you how advisable it is to use the ISBN to order , lest you easily confuse an edition in a different language (from Catalan to Spanish, for example) or that you choose a version that is not the one that they ask you at your children's school.

Be that as it may, if you had to make a textbook return on Amazon, you should know that you can do it before September 15 and until October 15 , at the latest. Otherwise, the method of managing the return is exactly the same as with other Amazon products.

What you will have to do will be the following:

  • Access the Online Returns Center and click on the Return products option.
  • Within the list of products will be your latest purchases and obviously, you will find the recently purchased textbooks.
  • Select the product you want to return and click on Return or replace products.
  • You will have to indicate an amount and choose an option within the Reason for return menu.
  • You will get a return label that you will have to print and specific instructions, which may vary depending on the seller. If it is Amazon, in principle you will not have any problem. You will only have to print the label, deposit it in the box, pack the product and take the book or textbooks to the point that has been indicated, which will be determined for shipment. And ready.


    Request the invoice

    Do you need the invoice for the textbooks you just bought for your children? You may need it to justify the expense or to request some help. Be that as it may, as soon as you have received the textbook order at your home, you will have the option of requesting the invoice from Amazon . If you don't know how or where to do it, we recommend that you follow these instructions:

    • As soon as you receive the package (it may take a reasonable time, but in principle it should be available soon), log into your Amazon user account as you normally do.
    • Then, from My Account, you will have to locate the order in question. Search it by period of time. In principle it will be one of the most recent, so you should find it pretty quickly in the drop-down menu.
    • Next, click on the Invoice option . As it should be available in principle, the Print invoice option must be enabled. If it is not ready yet, all you will see is the Print purchase receipt option.
    • Choose the print option to download the invoice in PDF format , if you only need it in digital format. If you are interested in having it on paper, all you have to do is give the order to your printer.

    And here are the instructions to purchase textbooks through Amazon. As you can see, the process is simple and if they can facilitate the task with a list previously prepared by the center, the better. If not, it is possible that the most complicated thing is to search and find the books, but using the ISBN you will have it really easy.