How to transfer YouTube videos from mobile or tablet to TV


YouTube is not only available on computers, but on other devices such as smartphones, tablets, consoles, and smart connected TVs . To enjoy streaming videos , the company offers free applications for Android, iOS, the Wii, the Xbox 360 and the Wii U. When they get home, some users want to replay that curious YouTube video they just watched on the smartphone or tablet, but on the big screen in the living room. It is very easy to be able to play those videos on the TV using an Android device; just sync it with the TV. In addition, it is possible to search for new contentwhile playing or add videos in queue for later viewing.

There are two ways to sync a TV with an Android device, but it must be a smart connected TV. One is from the YouTube application for Android , and another from the Smart TV itself. In the case of an Android smartphone or tablet, the first thing is to open the website in the browser of the device. Then you have to enter the synchronization code that appears on the television. Next you need to create a name for that TV, and then select Add this TV . One user can sync YouTubewith several televisions, for example, with that of a family member or a friend who has gone to visit. In fact, with Google affiliate apps, even friends can queue videos from their own Android device .

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The other mode of synchronization through the Smart TV is also very simple. For example, you can use one of Samsung's latest smart connected TVs , the 46-inch UE46F8090SL . First of all, you have to open the YouTube application on TV. Then you have to select the Login option and then access the Settings menu . There is the option Synchronize device which is the one to choose. The television screen offers two alternatives. One is to scan the BiDi code(two-dimensional) with the smartphone. The other is to open the website in the browser of the Android device and enter the synchronization code that appears on the TV screen.

Once the mobile device has been synchronized with the Smart TV , by either of the two methods outlined, when entering the YouTube application from the smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, an icon appears on the TV screen with a button. play next to each video. Just press that button to enjoy the chosen video on full screen, with total comfort and without having to do anything else. The controls also allow you to pause a video with the corresponding icon or jump to another part of the video by holding down the slider bar and dragging it to the desired sequence.