Zombie Smasher, download this new zombie smasher for Android for free

zombie smasher

If there is a genre in the world of video games that is experiencing a moment of sweet rapport with gamers, it is the zombie genre  . The undead invade our consoles and mobile phones, with a countless number of titles that more or less accepted, usually made with an acceptable number of followers. In recent weeks, the Zombie Smasher game has positioned itself as one of the most downloaded on the Google Play application market for the Android operating system . Its success is due not only to the pull of zombie fame , but to an entertaining and addictive mechanicthat will keep us glued to our smartphone or tablet for quite some time.

Of course, an important factor that has catapulted this Zombie Smasher to the top of the most downloaded games on Google Play is that everyone can download it for free . However, as is usual nowadays, different optional payment elements will be offered within the game with which to gain an advantage in the most complicated levels. If you want to spend some time crushing zombies left and right, we are going to leave you below with the direct link to be able to download Zombie Smasher for free from Google Play.

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Well, the little experience you have with the zombie universe , you will know that the best ways to kill brain-eaters are usually always the most aggressive and generally the most sticky. However in Zombie Smasher , we will put aside the shovels, chainsaws, shotguns, knives and other toys to use our own fingers . On this occasion and as if we were taking the role of an almighty, we will be able to crush zombies at will and with a single finger, leaving them unrecognizable . The game consists of 60 levels (there will be more soon) and each of them can be beaten with one or three stars, in true styleAngry Birds.

zombie smasher 02

Of course, the first levels will seem laughable, being able to easily crush any zombie that appears on the screen. However, the difficulty will become devilish as we overcome screens, which will cause us to have to use special powers on occasions, which will allow us to finish with them more easily. The problem is not only that more and more zombies will appear , but that innocents will cross the road in the form of children or neighbors, who we will not be able to crush if we do not want the game to end automatically. The ultimate goal of the game is to prevent the zombies from crossing a certain point on the screen.

Zombie Smasher has several game modes such as Story mode, Survival mode or the typical Time Attack Mode , in which we will have to finish with as many zombies as possible in a certain time. If you want to try your luck in this new zombie challenge, we leave you below with the direct link to download Zombie Smasher for free from our Android smartphone or tablet .

Free download Zombie Smasher for Android.