How to transfer Outlook data to another computer


Computer change. A whole world for those who have tried it. Reinstall the operating system. Having again the programs we use regularly. Copy all files from one computer to another. But there is a very important step in this process. How do we pass messages email, calendar appointments and contacts all the agenda ? If you use Outlook and you don't want to waste time, here we explain how to do this process in a few minutes and without losing a single piece of information.

We started with the old computer. The machine where we have all the data that we want to transfer. Here you have to locate a magic file with a .pst extension. This file stores all this information. Normally, we can locate it in the following route ...

C: \ Documents and Settings \ CHEMA \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook \ Outlook.pst

Where CHEMA is the username with which everyone accesses their machine.


But the best way to find this folder is from Outlook itself. In the Tools menu we select Options . A window appears with different tabs at the top.

We have to choose the second tab titled Mail Settings . And then click on the Data files button .

The properties of the file where Outlook saves the data will appear in the new window. If we click the Open folder button , the folder in question will open with the famous .pst file. Well, this is the file that we must transfer to the other computer in the same location. And if there is more than one .pst file, we recommend copying all of them.

Yes. It is very important to have Outlook closed on the new computer when moving. Once copied, all you have to do is open Outlook to check (if the gods have been favorable to us) that all our messages, appointments and contacts are pristine there.

A trick that should be on hand now that we are about to experience the arrival of a new Windows. And who knows if more than one will take advantage of Christmas to change computers.