How much money does it cost to charge your mobile in 2020

This is what it costs you to charge your phone every day

The price of light is getting higher and higher, so many users wonder how much it costs to charge the battery of the devices we use every day, including of course the mobile. We tell you how much it costs you each year to charge your smartphone's battery , the result will surely surprise you.

This is what it costs you to charge your mobile every day

To make the approximate calculation of how much it costs to charge a mobile, the following data must be taken into account:

  • The price of the kilowatt hour in Spain is around 15 euro cents on average.
  • The consumption of a mid-range phone during a full charge is 5 watts / hour.
  • The approximate charging time for most mid-range phones is around two hours.

Obviously, these data are highly variable, especially the power of the charger and the charging time, but we believe that it is a good approximation.

It only costs the average smartphone user about 0.15 cents to charge their device , resulting in less than one cent per charge. This means that if you keep your smartphone's battery charged every day of the week, it will cost you a total of 0.55 euros for the whole year . So there's no need to worry about how much electricity you'll give away the next time your friend asks to recharge their phone battery at home.

If you are interested in reducing your overall energy consumption, then think of a larger scale of appliances rather than the small sections of energy consumed by your favorite appliances. However, even larger-scale appliances have become considerably more efficient. Products like LED bulbs use 80% less energy than older halogen bulbs.

In any case, most of us rely on our smartphones to keep life and work running smoothly, and running out of power can leave you stranded. So, if you find yourself in the situation of being the person who always borrows a phone charger when visiting someone's home, why not invest in a powerbank and save yourself and them any hassle?