How to request a refund for apps, books, music and movies on Google Play

google play refund purchases

As happens when a user makes a purchase through the Apple application store, App Store , users who operate on Google's mobile platform, Android , also have the possibility of requesting a refund of the amount paid for any application, for an e-book, for a song or for a movie. And we will see, in each case, what must be taken into account to proceed with the return of the money .

refund google play apps

App Refund on Google Play

From the Google application store, Google Play , it is allowed to return applications. However, one aspect must be taken into account: you can only proceed to request a return as long as it is 15 minutes after the purchase . In case of exceeding this time, the client must contact the application developer directly. Usually, on the Google Play page of the application there is usually the contact form: email or a phone number.

Now, if it is within the time limit "" 15 minutes "", the user will only have to go to the Google Play application of the device ( tablet or smartphone ) and click on the button "My applications" . Once the entire list of installed and downloaded applications appears, you will only have to choose the one you are interested in requesting the return for. Two options will appear directly: "Open" or "Request a refund . " And after pressing the second option, the application can be uninstalled.

However, there is one aspect that the client must take into account. And it is that returns "" or refunds "" can only be requested once for each application . On the second request, the refund will be denied.

refund google play movies

Movie refund on Google Play

Movies can also be downloaded from the Mountain View store . Therefore, it is very possible that content is unintentionally downloaded ”” and paid for ””. In this case, the deadline to request the return is extended until seven days after the purchase . But what is there to keep in mind? Well, in none of the cases, the client must reproduce the content. Otherwise, logically, the right to claim will be lost. Of course, in case the content is defective, the claim time is unlimited.

refund music google play

Music refund on Google Play

Another focus of the Google Play market is the ability to download the latest musical news, both single songs and entire albums . As can be read in the terms of use, music downloads are all final. Even so, there is also a claim period. And it is the same as that offered for movies: seven days after purchase . But beware, in this case it will not be able to be downloaded during this entire period, far from it, it will be able to be reproduced. Otherwise "" unless the download is defective "" the right to claim will be lost.

refund books google play

E-Book Refund on Google Play

Finally, the same as in the previous cases "" less with purchased applications "", the repayment of an electronic book will be seven days . Within this period, the user must contact the Google Play customer service and indicate the order number, personal data and the title to be returned.

But, on what occasions could you ask for a money back in addition to an accidental purchase? Well, in the event that the ebook has been purchased through a Google account in which you do not want to have the download. This is the only way to transfer a book from one account to another.