How to remove the Windows 10 upgrade notice


Microsoft last year released the latest version of its well-known operating system, Windows 10 . If you have an older version, surely on some occasion you have been warned that it is now possible to upgrade to Windows 10 . What's more, these notices, in recent months, have gotten really annoying, as Microsoft has made the update a priority. Today we are going to talk about a small program that allows us to eliminate this notice. It's called Never10 and, as its suggestive name suggests, it ensures that the update to the new operating system will never come out again. If you are totally sure that you do not want to upgrade to Windows 10By following a few simple steps we can eliminate the annoying update notice .

The latest versions of Windows have focused heavily on touch devices, with the intention of using the same system for computers and mobile devices . On the other hand, Windows 10 seems to be a system that excessively reports on user activities . This was not very popular, so many have preferred to stick with an older version of the operating system, especially Windows 7 . The problem is that Microsoft wants us to go to Windows 10 yes or yes, so the update jumps every two by three, becoming quite intrusive. The applicationNever10 allows you to remove this annoying update notice from Windows Update . Of course, we will have to be completely sure that we do not want to update to the new Microsoft system .

The operation of Never10 is simple. Just configure the system to block any attempts by the system to upgrade to Windows 10 . The application is free and can be downloaded from the developer's website .


Never10 aprovecha una “puerta trasera” de Windows Update que permite configurar un ordenador para que bloquee las actualizaciones obligatorias. Eso sí­, la versión de Windows Update que tiene esta posibilidad es la que se lanzó en julio de 2015, así­ que lo primero que comprueba Never10 es que la versión de Windows Update sea la correcta. Si no lo es, la propia aplicación sugerirá que se realice la actualización.

Something that we must bear in mind is that the free update period to Windows 10 ends in July of this year, so, as we mentioned before, we will have to be totally sure that we do not want to update before using Never10 . Microsoft initially released the update to Windows 10 quietly, but has made it a recommended update for some time. This means that, depending on how we have Windows Update configured , the update can even be downloaded automatically. With Never10 we can block this download.

However, although the Never10 application blocks both the update notice and the automatic download of Windows 10 , the developer ensures that the application can be deactivated and allow the update to the new version of the operating system whenever we want. The only thing that could happen is that, as the update notices do not jump, we do not remember to update before the end of the free period. And you, have you upgraded to Windows 10 ?