LG PF50KS, portable Full HD projector with screen up to 100 inches

LG PF50KS, portable Full HD projector with screen up to 100 inches

Projectors are good options if we do not want to buy a television for hundreds or even thousands of euros. Contrary to what you might think, currently on the market we find high-quality projectors with resolutions that reach up to 4K. LG is one of the companies that is betting on these devices, the LG PF50KS is the clear example of this, a projector with Full HD resolution that can give us a 100-inch screen.

The LG PF50KS is a small format projector, with a conventional resolution but more than enough for any user. In addition, the most interesting thing about this projector is that it includes a battery so we can carry it in our backpack and use it wherever we want. We tell you in detail all the features of the LG PF50KS.


Diagonal10 to 100 inch (100 inch screen at 3m distance)
Resolution and technology1920 x 1080 FHD, manual lens adjustment and fixed zoom
Lamp typeLASER RGB lamp
DurationUp to 30,000 hours
Brightness600 lumens
Contrast100,000: 1
SoundSpeakers 1W + 1W Stereo, Dolby Surround Audio
InstallationFront, Ceiling
ConnectivityOptical Audio Output, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB, RJ45
Smart tvWebOS 3.0
I sendMagic Remote
Dimensions170 x 170 x 49 mm
Weight1 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price700 euros

LG PF50KS, small format projector

We have said that LG has been betting on projectors for years and this is seen in the refinement in terms of construction and functionality of its devices. The LG PF50KS is an example in practice, we are talking about a projector weighing 1 kilogram and in terms of its dimensions we are 17 centimeters long, 17 centimeters wide and almost 5 centimeters thick. As we can see, its format is small and it also has a built-in battery which gives us an autonomy of 2.5 hours, enough to watch a movie or a couple of chapters of a series in the place where we are. 

LG PF50KS, portable Full HD projector with screen up to 100 inches

In that small body we have enough connections; two HDMI ports, one of them being also ARC. We also have two USB ports to connect portable devices, a type C USB port, Internet connection, MIRACAST, Bluetooth. In addition to all this we have LG's own Smart TV, WebOS 3.0, so we can surf the Internet, watch videos on YouTube or enjoy Netflix on the projector itself.

LG PF50KS, portable Full HD projector with screen up to 100 inches

100-inch Full HD image

LG PF50KS, portable Full HD projector with screen up to 100 inches

The LG PF50KS has a modest resolution but more than enough. Full HD is the minimum that can be asked of a projector since it is designed so that its image is seen at a safe distance. We have to bear in mind that we can have up to 100 inches of inches which is a 2.54 meter diagonal screen, so the prudent distance to see a screen of this size would be about 5 meters more or less.

LG PF50KS, portable Full HD projector with screen up to 100 inches

The image quality of the LG PF50KS projector is more than sufficient thanks to the RGB LED technology, in terms of brightness the projector reaches up to 600 lumens which will allow us to see content even with lights on, but if for example we have direct sunlight this could be a problem. Its contrast ratio is 100,000.1 so we will have sharp images with vivid colors. According to LG, its light bulb has a useful life of 30,000 hours, which is about 20 years.

The sound section is also taken care of in the LG PF50KS, we have two speakers of 1 watt each, one of them being stereo. In addition, we have Dolby Surround Audio which will fill the room with sound, thus giving the impression that the sound is coming from different places in the room as the content is played.

Price and availability of the LG PF50KS

We are facing a small projector but also as we have said before is portable. The LG PF50KS has many strengths. Among which is its portability and autonomy, being able to spend 2.5 hours without connecting to the electrical network, in addition to its image quality and connectivity. It is available in Spain at a price of 700 euros.