Is Joom reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 5 reasons why not

Is Joom reliable?  3 reasons why yes and 5 reasons why not 1

Joom, along with Wish and Aliexpress, has become one of the most popular applications to buy products online. The platform is presented as a trade of "quality products at low prices" where many vendors outside of Joom offer their products; nothing that we cannot find in the rest of the alternative to the latter. The main difference with respect to the pages that we have just mentioned is perhaps their price, which is usually slightly lower than other sites similar to Joom. But is Joom reliable? Is it safe to buy in this application? We see it.

Three reasons why Joom can be trusted

As with Wish and Aliexpress, Joom makes available to buyers a series of rights that ensure the reliability of the service when we encounter a problem within the application.

It has a money-back guarantee

Specifically 30 days after receipt of the product. If this does not convince us, does not correspond to what the seller promised or arrives with visible damage, Joom will proceed to refund the amount owed in the next 14 days after sending the item back as long as we have provided the tracking number of the shipment.

Unfortunately, Joom is not responsible for the costs incurred for the return shipment : we will have to pay all the costs associated with this from our hand.

And refund if the product does not arrive

Have you ordered some shoes two months ago and they don't arrive? Joom establishes a maximum delivery time of 75 days . Once 75 days have elapsed from the day of purchase, the buyer may claim a refund of the full amount of the product.

The maximum claim period, of course, extends up to 90 days , so if we have not previously requested a refund, the company avails itself of the right of warranty expiration. As for the term of return of the money, Joom establishes 14 maximum days, within which we will receive the amount owed.

Supports payments through PayPal

PayPal is probably the safest method for making payments over the Internet. In case we encounter any problem when buying a product (factory defect, it does not arrive or does not correspond to the original description), we can always claim payment through PayPal if the seller does not provide us with a solution through Joom .

How to claim in PayPal if you have been scammed 3

From, in fact, we recommend always resorting to this type of payment. In this other article we explain how to make a claim through PayPal.

Five reasons why Joom is unreliable

Not all that glitters is gold. By relying on external vendors, the experience on the platform may not be as positive as we would like, therefore, the opinions of Joom may vary from one user to another.

The quality of the products is low or does not correspond to the description

Neither Joom, nor Wish nor Aliexpress sell hard at four pesetas. In general, the quality of the products offered on this type of platform is similar to that of any Chinese bazaar . In fact, the product most likely came from the same warehouses as these.

The most advisable thing, therefore, is to be careful when buying high-value products. Taking a look at the comments or looking for the item in other stores can save us from a bad experience.

Shipping deadlines are not met

This is perhaps Joom's main complaint and the main reason why many claim that it is not reliable or secure.

In general, the average delivery time is 15-25 days . If we have ordered an item within a period of high demand, such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve, it is most likely that it will be delayed for more than one month.

If the shipping time is extended up to two months, we can contact the seller to know the status of this if they have not previously sent us a code or tracking number.

Shipping errors

Have you asked for a mobile charger and have you received headphones? Since the beginning of the Internet platform, many users have reported receiving products that do not directly correspond to the items ordered .

buy is reliable joom 2

Far from being a scam, the seller most likely sent the wrong package , as most tend to process dozens of orders a day. We can always claim through the Joom options.

It does not admit payment on delivery

As of October 1, 2019, Joom does not support cash on delivery , probably due to the high cost of this type of service. Remember that most sellers are located in China, so sending the physical money back to another country is not feasible, at least if you want to keep the original price of the item.

Run away from electronics products - most are fake

It is not an exclusive Joom problem. Buying genuine electronics products, such as computer graphics cards, wireless headsets, or chargers, can be quite a feat .

buy is reliable joom 1

Most of the products do not correspond to the description , and many of the advertised features are false. The best way to detect the veracity of certain products is to resort to logic: how is it possible that Apple AirPods can be bought for 35 euros? Will this Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card be authentic for 96 euros?

So is it reliable to buy from Joom or not?

Yes, but half. The platform provides the basics to protect the buyer in case of shipping problems. Unfortunately, the customer service is not as effective as the page promises in its purchasing policies.

Is it advisable to buy from Joom? Only and exclusively if the price of the product is low (from 1 to 40 euros) or it is not found in any other Internet portal. For electronics products, we strongly discourage buying from Joom . Better to go to a trusted store or Spanish online stores.