How to ask to install a Pokémon GO poképarada near your home

request poképarada

Have you run out of pokéballs and you live far from a city where you can find poképaradas to refuel? Have you come across a PokéStop in a dangerous place or where it shouldn't be ? Is there a reference site in your locality without poképarada ? Well, Niantic can change it. And it is that the developers of Pokémon GO want to make things simple for the players. Or at least allow everyone to enjoy and have a similar gaming experience. Therefore, they have an option to request that one of these poképaradas be installed or removed.

Niantic has opened a complaints and requests section on its website so that any user can report a bad location in the game or a problem in reference to the poképaradas, the gyms or the practices that the Pokémon trainers are carrying out . Something that is reminiscent of what happened some time ago with Ingress , its first augmented reality game and on which this Pokémon GO is based . This request does not ensure the creation of a nearby poképarada , but at least it opens the channels of communication to request it.

How to request a nearby PokéStop

The first thing to do is access the Niantic support website , and look for the Send request button, where some of the problems that the player may encounter are listed, among which is “Report a problem with a gym or a poképarada ” . You can also click on this link to directly access this option.

Here is a standard form for any kind of problem. The first thing is to write the email address . Then, the following two fields must be completed with the main subject of the request and a description of the reason for it . This is where you will have to request the presence of a poképarada , or the withdrawal of one, if it is in an inaccessible place or for any other reason that you want to report.

request poképarada

Below, the Reason drop-down lists the main reasons why the user can send this request. Logically, it must coincide with what was written above. Problems with Pokémon battles , a dangerous location of a gym or a poképarada , the non-existence of any gym or poképarada near the user, the non-existence of a poképarada or gym or even the presence of a gym or a poképarada on the property of the user are different options to claim a complaint about it.

Finally, it only remains to complete the information relevant to said poképarada or gym . The exact name, address, and optionally specific location data for that item must be filled in to get Niantic to consider this request. It is even possible to send an image to illustrate the request.

request poképarada

In this way, players from isolated locations or those relevant places that do not have any of these positions, can now request from Niantic the basic elements to enjoy Pokémon GO .