Size and measurements of the iPhone 5 screen in a video

iPhone 5 01 measurements

The iPhone 5 could be just around the corner, but the truth is that at this point we still do not have accurate and official data that can tell us the right moment when the official presentation of the device by Apple will take place . In any case, rumors continue to spread everywhere and in fact, at this point we have other information related to the size of the iPhone 5 screen . ETrade Supply has just published a whole series of data linked to the glass screen of this device and which offers interesting information about the technical profileof the sixth generation of the iPhone . In this sense, we can advance that the new iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch screen , with a significant displacement of some elements located in the housing of the device. One of the most important, without a doubt, is the front camera .

ETrade Supply is supposed to have in its hands some of the components that will be part of the architecture of the iPhone 5 . One of the most important is the front panel, a piece that reveals information about the upcoming Apple device in different ways. Taking into account the measurements made, we can say that the iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch panel , exceeding by half an inch the 3.5 that all iPhones had had to date, including the latest version: the iPhone 4S . The piece will equal width (51.60 mm), but will be slightly longer, moving from 76.65 mm to90.25 mm and 3.61 inches to 4.065 inches diagonally . These measurements would coincide perfectly with all the rumors spread to date and that also confirmed a lengthening that would ultimately result in the extension of the inches of the device.

iPhone 5 01 measures 01

If we look carefully at the scheme presented by those responsible for the measurement, we will also see that the front camera - already existing in the previous iPhone 4S - has been moved to the central part of the device. The proximity sensor stays in place (right next to the camera hole ) and the illumination sensor moves to the place of the old camera. The receiver will remain in the same position.

Measurements in panel thickness have also revealed significant changes. And the display from having 1 millimeter thick (iPhone 4S) to 0.9 mm , which could mean a significant reduction in the final appearance of the apparatus. As has been argued to date, it seems that a new metallic alloy of nobler materials would allow for a much thinner and lighter iPhone 5 . Thus, it is not strange to us that it is betting on the maximum reduction of each and every one of the device's components .

iPhone 5 01 measures 03

And we already have all the meat on the grill. In recent months we have known very important rumors about the characteristics of the device , so that we already have a fairly specific X-ray about all the changes that we will see materialize in the next generation of the iPhone . Unfortunately, it will not be until the day of the premiere when we can know exactly if all this information is true. The most optimistic have already indicated that the date of presentation to the general public will be next Wednesday, September 12 , in an event full of many other novelties. There is talk of the next generations of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano , in addition to the triumphant appearance of a new iPad Mini.