Customize your WhatsApp like never before thanks to this mod

Customize your WhatsApp like never before thanks to this mod

The enormous popularity of WhatsApp has seen the application constantly receive a lot of improvements from the modder community. One of these improvements, or rather modification, that is giving a lot to talk about is Fouad WhatsApp.

It is a mod for Android systems with which we can expand the customization possibilities of the app . From changing the background, to selecting between 110 different languages, or going directly to the first message of the chat. As you can see, the possibilities are many and varied.

Are you already curious? Well, stay with us for a while and we will tell you in detail (almost) everything you can do with the fashion mod for WhatsApp . We started!


What is a mod?

In general terms, the term mod refers to a kind of extensions or modifications that provide new qualities that affect the design and functionalities of a program or application . This concept is commonly applied to the gaming world, where we can see countless examples of how the original aspects of a game are often changed. Above all, the mods of the GTA saga are famous.

However, this practice is by no means limited to the field of video games. In fact, modders also turn their attention to mobile applications because of the enormous possibilities of extending their original functions .

In the present case, however, it should be clarified that this practice is not allowed by WhatsApp, as it is not an open source program, in addition to going against the use policy established by the service. What's more, if the use of mods is excessive, WhatsApp could even ban the user's account for violating its terms of use .

Although most mods include anti-ban features in their service, and Fouad actually does, the truth is that WhatsApp can catch you off guard with one of its update patches and proceed to block your number temporarily, or even permanently. .

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp

We will not find Fouad WhatsApp to download in the Google Play app store, since it does not offer this type of mods. You will have to go to the developer's page. Of course, before doing anything, to install apps outside of Google Play, it will be necessary to enable "unknown origins" on our device if we have a version prior to Android 8.0 Oreo .

For starters, the first thing that jumps out is the huge number of emojis available to use in our conversations. Not only that, but we also have a huge number of themes with which to customize the design and interface of WhatsApp to our liking . You can edit whatever you want: icons, font type, chat backgrounds, and we even have animations of snow, rain ... well, everything!

Privacy is another key aspect of this mod. We have at our disposal  a wide variety of parameters to activate and deactivate, such  as, for example, the blue check, block entry to chats, protect certain conversations with passwords, hide the connection status from your contacts. With all this, we will have guaranteed that our information is kept protected according to the level of security that we want to apply.

These are some of the options offered by this mod to configure and customize the design of the instant messaging service . And you, have you already tried it? Leave your comments in the comment box.