Sony Xperia Z2 camera apps moved to other models

sony xperia Z2

After weeks of rumors and speculation, last Monday 24 Sony finally officially announced its new flagship. Neither Sony Sirius, nor Sony D6503, the device they announced was the Sony Xperia Z2 and, as rumor has already advanced, it has very advanced features such as 4K video recording. The truth is that the number of leaks in recent months did not leave room for surprise and the Xperia Z2 was meeting expectations, almost point by point. Among its most outstanding novelties is the 5.2-inch screen that comes standard with Android 4.4 KitKat. However SonyIt maintained the level in points such as the camera, which is still very similar to that of the Xperia Z1, with the exception of the already named 4K video recording. However, the new model does have some new software features, which are exclusive at the moment, but not entirely. Users of the XDA-Developers forum have managed to transfer some functions of the new Sony Xperia Z2 to other smartphones in the Xperia range.

Logically, in order to install these functions it is necessary to have a rooted smartphone or else the process will not be possible. In addition, the transferred applications are only compatible with Xperia terminals that are in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version, that is, the Sony Xperia Z1, Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia Z Ultra. At the moment, these are the requirements to be able to receive the news of the latest model of the Japanese company, although if you are patient it is possible that some functions will arrive with the update to Android 4.4 KitKat.

sony xperia Z2

On the one hand, the photographic functions have been transferred , which include the new background blur option , a very interesting effect that allows us to highlight the objects we want in the image. It also has the creative effects, which include various options like color changes or mirror effect. Finally, there is AR Effect, an application that creates a chroma effect and introduces us to fun scenarios such as the bottom of the sea or a forest. On the other hand there is also ottras multimedia features like the player Sony WALKMAN, the application Movies and the photo album. All of them are present in the Xperia range, but the latest model has the most recent versions of each of them. Lastly, the telephone application has also been extracted , which has a new answering system.

The root process in Android terminals allows you to install custom ROMS and modify the system with functions like these. It is an essential requirement to be able to have the Sony Xperia Z2 apps, but if you are not rooted, we recommend that you wait for Sony to update the system.

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