The Interview is now available via Torrent with more than 60,000 seeds

Sony Pictures The Interview

The Guardians of Peace have not gotten their way and The Interview has finally seen the light . Sony pulled the movie after the main American cinema chains refused to project it , because of terrorist threats received by this group of hackers who allegedly acting under orders from the government of North Korea. Finally, Sony premiered it in 300 American theaters, of which the vast majority sold out. The American public has responded in this way to the threats, going to see the film en masse, something that certainly would not have happened had it not been for their intervention. So,The Guardians of Peace have managed to do a great promotion for the film, although the damage done to Sony Pictures remains enormous. The Interview has also been released on various online platforms, but it can only be seen in the United States . How could it be otherwise, the film has already been shared via Torrent and the success has been overwhelming. 750,000 downloads in just 20 hours according to Torrentfreak , and files with more than 60,000 seeds, which is said soon.

Sony Pictures released The Interview through YouTube Movies, Google Play, and Xbox Videos . American users can access any of these three platforms and watch The Interview for $ 6, around 4.90 euros at the current exchange rate. There is also the option to buy the film to be able to see it again as many times as you want, although in this case you will have to pay $ 15 (12.30 euros). However, the film can only be paid using an American credit card and although we could get one, just let us play the movie through an IP address located in the United States.But there is always the option to download it , and it is that in the first hours of the premiere it was already shared through torrent and the download figures do not stop increasing.

Sony Pictures attack

The Guardians of Peace have ensured that a movie that was probably going to go unnoticed is seen around the world, including countries where it was not going to be released. The torrent files with the most number of users sharing the movie have more than 60,000 seeds. According to data published by Torrentfreak , a well-known torrent download portal, in just 20 hours it has been downloaded 750,000 times and the number continues to increase. Even The Pirate Bay, the still down download site, has posted the download link for the movie. Your website does not offer access to your database, but a code redirects to a page ofReddit where you can download the movie.

The reason  for the Sony Pictures hack was this action comedy in which a television presenter is involved in a crazy plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un, the president of North Korea. The North Korean government denies any connection with the computer attack, but the United States has investigated and links its origin to Pyongyang, the capital of the Asian country.