The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a range of three days

Samsung Galaxy S4 01

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled just over two weeks ago. In the first performance tests or benchmarks its results were frankly good. So much so that the Samsung Galaxy S4 far surpassed the iPhone 5 , doubling the final score obtained. The European version of the phone will be presented to the market equipped with an eight-core Exynos Octa processor , with a potential never seen in our territory. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first phone to arrive in our country equipped with a heart of these characteristics. But this is not the only special feature of this smartphone . In fact, apart from having a largefive-inch high definition (1080p) screen , incorporates a removable lithium-ion battery , with capacity for 2,600 milliamps . But do you know what the exact power of this piece is? Well, the average GSMArena has made the first tests detailed on their autonomy . And here are the results.

Battery Samsung Galaxy S4 01

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has taken the first position in all the analyzes. In the first, in which 3G talk time was taken into account , the device has endured around 14 hours (13 hours and 53 minutes) without turning off. Its performance rides on par with that of the HTC One , but is better than the iPhone 5 and other Android- powered devices . In browsing time, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also wins. When it comes to navigating between pages, the Korean's device is capable of operating for 8 hours and 42 minutes , just a little longer than the HTC One , theiPhone 5 and of course, the rest of smartphones equipped with the Google platform . But there is more. And it is that the longevity of the battery has also been taken into account when playing videos. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is much better than the rest of the competitors . It is perfectly capable of supporting 10 hours and 16 minutes playing multimedia content.

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But what role do these analyzes play in the regular functioning of this smartphone ? Well, in short, and as the author of the analysis himself explains, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is capable of offering its users an autonomy of up to 63 hours on average in its combined performance, after a day of normal operation with tasks like an hour on the phone, another hour surfing the Internet and another time playing video. It is clear that you will not carry out all these tasks on a daily basis , so the battery could even offer you a somewhat longer autonomy. It will be necessary to take into account, on the other hand, what functions you have active ( assisted GPS, constant search for WiFi networks ...) or if you use applications with a lot of energy consumption such as some editing applications or video games.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was presented on March 14 and will soon go on sale. Samsung confirmed a day after its release that the phone would be in Spain from the end of April. The date and price have not yet been specified, but we will be attentive to provide you with all the information about it.