Windows 7 Codecs, codec pack for Windows

WIndows 7 Codecs

Windows 7 Codecs is a collection of codecs for playing a wide variety of formats . This codec pack does not have any player included and does not change the associations of the files. Installing it, it will allow you to view most of the most popular formats and others not so popular , such as AVIs, DVDs or MP4 . The latest available version of Windows 7 Codecs is 3.3.6 . We tell you the details below and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

This set of codecs has the advantage of being frequently updated , so all filters and codecs are kept up-to-date and ready to play. In this latest version the filters LAV .43+, Gabests 3909, the FFDshow 4192 and the Icaros v131-beta have been updated . Support for the control panel uninstaller has also been added .

Windows 7 Codecs

In the program window we can customize the aspects of the codecs and filters . It has a list of all installed codecs where you can enable or disable them . You can configure the FFDshow , analyzing video to see its technical characteristics and test them to see if they are not corrupt. You can also configure aspects of the audio such as the speaker system ( from 2.0 to 7.1 ) and configure the types of video formats separately, such as AVI, H264, MKV, MOV or MP4 among others, selecting the type of codecs and filters .

By installing this pack of codecs, you will be able to play the supported videos on any player . It includes support for decoding 10 - bit , including more color information at a slightly lower weight than encoding 8 bit , giving you a better quality videos . It supports high definition video and high quality audio . It is in English and available for Windows 7 in its 32 and 64 bit versions . In short, we are facing a complete codec package that does not include any third-party player included.

Download Windows 7 Codecs from the official page (you have to go down to the bottom of the page and download it from one of the two download sites).