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Although the fame is mostly made by ladies in their sixties with a lot of free time, anyone can have a good time playing Bingo without losing money trying. Among the most interesting bets that are available for our mobiles and tablets , today we want to highlight Bingo Crack. If we say that this game has been developed by Etermax , many will not be told anything, however if we clarify that behind Bingo Crack is the same team that has put millions of people to play in linguistic battles with Apalabrados, things change.

Bingo Crack is an entertaining,  real-time multiplayer game . It is the first online Bingo that allows us to choose between the classic North American 75-ball Bingo , or the closest 90-ball one for us . Therefore, at the beginning of the game we will be able to choose with what type of cardboard we prefer to venture into this odyssey of chance. Bingo Crack has been available for some time for iPhone , although now it has just arrived on the Google Play market of the Android operating system , so a whole legion of new playersthey are joining the games. Then we leave you with the direct link to download the game for free on your smartphone or tablet.

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At the beginning of Bingo Crack we will be offered the possibility of logging in with our Facebook account. This will allow us to play against our friends, although we can also choose a random game where we will see faces with unknown players from all over the world. In the Bingo 75 mode there are 75 balls in play. To win we will have to mark a line of numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Victory is also obtained by marking the four numbers in the corners . In the Bingo 90 mode (90 balls in play) we will be able to win a prize twice when we fill in a line and the entire card.

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For those clueless, Bingo Crack offers an automatic dialing option . If activated, the numbers will be entered automatically as they are dialed. Where we can not get lost is when singing line or bingo and of course it will not be allowed to sing a line or false bingo . Bingo Crack allows you to use 5 special powers: Coins, Dynamite, Star, Bomb and Instant Bingo . Players using these powers will gain some advantage over their rivals, although chance will always have the last word. Although Bingo Crack is a free game, within the game there is the option to buy certain items with real money. If you want to try your luck with Bingo Crack we leave you with the links to Google Play and the AppStore where you can download it for free.

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