eMule, 10 tips to improve download speed

eMule, 10 tips to improve download speed 5

Downloading files to eMule is an art . The credit system it uses means that the more you upload, the more you can download. However, it is not the only trick to consider. We have found on the Internet a list of tips to improve the performance of our mule , whatever the speed of your ADSL connection. You just have to keep these tricks in mind ...

eMule, 10 tips to improve download speed 5

1.-Choose the server well

The first thing when starting the eMule is to choose the primary server well . In the servers window you can see the number of files that each server has and the number of connected users, as well as the maximum number of users allowed by the server in parentheses. The more users and files you have, the easier the download will be . Because the sources will be on the same server as us. Sometimes the program expels us from a server for different reasons . In principle this is normal , but it is not advisable for us to change muchbecause time is wasted while eMule relocates our sources. Some such as Razorback2 or Donkeyserver are recommended on the Internet .

2.-Manage searches on several servers

Sometimes a search gives few results because the files we are looking for are not on our server . In that case it is good to try to change the server for another very populated one and repeat the search . The global searches are more results because they are looking at all available servers, but are much slower .


3.-Be careful with the Firewall

The firewall or firewall completely blocks eMule traffic . Even if we set an exception in the firewall so that it respects the mule (name by which this program is colloquially known), it is possible that the firewall gives us problems and ends up crashing the program. In general, it is recommended to disable the firewall that comes with Windows and install a better one such as the latest version of Zonealarm (5.1 or higher).

4.-The war of the ports

eMule uses two ports on the router to communicate . If they are not open , the program will not work. On the Internet we can find specific manuals for opening ports on routers of different brands and models. Apart from that, it is convenient not to put the ports that appear by default .

5.-Distribute the sources

The sources are other users from whom we download a file . In general, the more useful fonts a file has, the faster it will download. However, it is necessary to verify that the sources are useful , because some do not have the complete file. It is recommended to  have 1,000 or 2,000 fonts at most . If we try to manage more, the program needs to generate more control traffic that hurts downloads. When distributing the total of sources, it is recommended to concentrate about a thousand in popular files (with many sources) and leave 200 or 300 for rare files or with fewer people sharing them (a rare file is one that has less than 100 sources).

eMule, 10 tips to improve download speed 5

6.-Foreign sources

Although it sounds harsh, files of Spanish origin tend to download more slowly due to the delay we have in Internet connections . Therefore, if the file has foreign fonts, it is convenient to mix them with each other in the same file to improve the download speed . Of course, if we select all the foreign sources for a file, then they may not help us to download a file of Spanish origin.

7.-A4F fonts

What is that? The plus version of eMule distinguishes A4F fonts , which are those users who have several files that we are looking for . The A4F fonts allow you to speed up the downloads of rare files and it is convenient to select one when we download them. The rest we can let the program manage.

8.-Friends are not forever

Adding another user as a friend in eMule allows them to download our files faster . This might seem inconvenient, but it is useful because it gives us credits more quickly with it and speeds up the downloads of files that are on your computer . It is convenient to see if this "friend" has a decent upload width (5 or higher) and if the file we are looking for has it complete . If so, adding to it is a good idea. Of course, when the download is finished it is better to break the friendship since the credits that we obtain with it are not useful.

eMule, 10 tips to improve download speed 5

9.-Shared files

Sharing our entire MP3 or movie collection is not a good idea. Servers have a maximum file share limit (1,000 on small servers and 10,000 on large servers) . If we share many files we overload the server and do not concentrate the traffic to improve the credits. Some recommend  sharing interesting files, but no more than 200 .

10.-Restart without losing sources

Every two to three minutes, eMule checks that the fonts are available. If at that moment we close the program or restart the PC, we will lose the position we have in the queue . As in real life. Start again. Therefore, if we need to restart the computer, for whatever reason, but we are very well positioned in downloads, it is best to close all programs except eMule and restart it in the rough, with the shutdown button on the computer itself . When it starts up again, the first thing we start will be the eMule . If we are lucky , the restart will not have coincided with the moment when eMule checks the sources and we will continue in the same download station.