How to put lyrics to YouTube songs

There is a formula to follow the lyrics of your favorite video clips on YouTube without missing anything from the video. And it is that the lyrics of the songs are not always accessible. But you can put subtitles with the verses of the song. We have created a video to explain how to do it both on your mobile and on your computer. It doesn't matter if you listen to music in Spanish or English. Now you can see the video clip next to the lyrics without limitations.

In the computer

If your default Internet browser is Google Chrome, the MusixMatch for YouYube plugin is the best you can use. You just have to Google their name to access the Chrome Web Store plugin store. And here to install it in just a couple of seconds . As simple as that.

After that, you just have to access YouTube regularly and choose any official video clip of a song . The plugin automatically recognizes the song and introduces the lyrics or lyrics in their original version within the video. As if they were the subtitles of that video.

You can move them throughout the video to place the text where you prefer. You just have to click and drag. But the most interesting thing is to go to the settings of these subtitles. You just have to click on the gear wheel, enter the Subtitles menu and then Options. Here we find different menus to personalize the experience. Font types, color, size, transparency, etc .

On mobile

In this case MusixMatch also helps to solve the problem. But, this time, for mobile. It is free, and can be downloaded as you see in the video. Then she asks us to create an account or to use our Facebook or Google profile to log in. Finally we must give permission to MusixMatch to control notifications . And it is that it acts as a pop-up bubble to show the lyrics on the video. We activate said access to notifications and that's it. Everything is already set up to start reading song lyrics while watching the videos on YouTube.

To test it we go to YouTube and upload any official music video. The Musixmatch bubble is automatically displayed on the screen above the content . A gray square that shows the original lyrics and the translation into our language, if this is available, of course. We can place the lyrics where we want, even see it without a background if we play the video in full screen.

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How to put lyrics to YouTube songs