Acer Aspire S 24, we have tested it

Acer Aspire S 24, we have tested it

Your Expert RecommendedDesign, elegance and minimalism. The three words that best define the Acer Aspire S 24. An all-in-one computer that takes the word compact to a new level. And it is that this PC without tower fits on any table and is so light that it can be transported without great problem to any room. All this with a technical set that maintains the type, thanks to latest generation Intel Core processors and 8 GB of RAM. Speaking of internal memory, in Spain the version with an internal 1 TB hard drive is marketed. We have been able to test the configuration that also incorporates a fast 120 GB SSD memory.

The Acer Aspire S 24 also includes other interesting functions, such as a base equipped with Qi wireless charging to recharge our mobile while we work on the PC . The S 24 can be found in stores for a price of 940 euros for the configuration with Intel Core i5 chip, and 1,190 euros for the version with Intel Core i7. These are my impressions after I've been fiddling with the all-in-one PC for a few days.

Acer Aspire S 24 datasheet

screen23.8-inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels

Matte finish

ProcessorIntel Core i7-8550U Quad Core (Max 4 GHz)

Intel Core i5-8250U Quad Core (max. 3.4 GHz)

Graphic cardIntel HD Graphics
AudioTwo stereo speakers
Internal memory1 TB traditional hard drive
Operating systemWindows 10 Home
ConnectionsUSB type C, Four USB ports (three of them USB 3.1), 2 x HDMI, card reader, headphone slot, Ethernet port
WirelessWiFi AC
ColorsBlack and gold
Dimensions540 x 5.97 x 410 millimeters (12 kilos)
Featured FeaturesQi wireless charging in the base even with the PC off
Release dateAvailable
Price940 euros / 1,190 euros

How beautiful you are S 24!

Admittedly, Acer has done a great job at the design level with its Acer Aspire S 24. It is one of the most attractive all-in-one PCs I have seen to date . Starting with its own screen, surrounded by very thin frames on the sides and top that recall the feeling of the infinite screens of mobile phones. At the bottom the frame is somewhat wider, but it is in a nice gold color with the Acer logo in the middle. In fact, it does not clash with the rest of the set and even gives it a differential touch.


Detail of the lower frame of the Acer Aspire S 24 screen and the base

The thickness of this part of the PC is really thin, even thinner than a smartphone (5.97 millimeters in its thinnest part). Nor is the base left behind. Rectangular in shape, it has a gold line at the end with the Aspire S inscription. The front edges have been slightly curved for a more streamlined look. An effect that looks great. One of the curiosities of the base is that it has two heights. On the left side we have a slight oblique descent. The reason for this difference is not only aesthetic. It also helps to introduce a small LED indicator. What is it for?

It is the indicator used to mark the status of wireless charging. And it is that this area of ​​the base serves to charge our smartphone without cables if it is compatible with Qi technology. I have to be honest on this point. It took me a while to find the correct position to start charging the smartphone. Once achieved, the following times it was quite easy. The key is to match the Qi charging logo with the "center" of the smartphone. When charging is taking place you will see the LED blink green. Another thing you should keep in mind is that it is a technology that, at least when testing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9or the Mate 10, heats up the mobile more than with traditional charging with cables. Without reaching dangerous temperatures at any time, but it is something to take into consideration.


The union between the base and the screen is made through a base also in gold. The entire part of the monitor is free of physical buttons or connections. These are distributed on the sides of the base and at the rear, being quite hidden at a first glance of the equipment. Moreover, the screen tilts up to 20 degrees back and -5 degrees forward . This makes it easier to find the ideal position when viewing the panel.

The complete measurements of the Acer Aspire S 24 are  540 x 5.97 x 410 millimeters , while its weight is around 12 kilos . This makes it much easier to move from room to room compared to other all-in-one PCs.

Acer-Aspire-S-24 display

Quality screen, but may be too small for some users

The Acer Aspire S 24 bets on a 23.8-inch screen. It is a medium format, sufficient if you want to make an office use of this PC and do not have to work with video or image editing tools regularly. But of course, if you have become accustomed to the increasingly large screens of the monitors, it may be a bit short. In that case, the company also has other larger format proposals such as the Acer Aspire U27.

The S 24's screen is matte . This decision may give you the impression that it loses some shine (pun intended), but it seems like a more than wise decision. Especially if your idea is to work for a long time with this screen. And it is that with the matte finish the reflections that come from light sources such as a lamp, a fluorescent or the sunlight itself are reduced. Thanks to this, you can better see the contents that appear on the screen. Of course, a point of spectacularity is lost when watching videos or movies.

Acer-Aspire-S-24 power

The resolution of the panel is Full HD of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels , with a density of 93 dots per inch. Thinking of users who work for a long time in front of the screen, the Taiwanese company has included its Acer Bluelight Shield technology (which, by the way, has been working for many years now). This technology generates a filter to reduce blue light emissions that end up tiring the eye. To activate it, just go to the Acer Quick Access application.


Wireless mouse and keyboard that come standard with the Acer Aspire S 24

Next-generation Intel Core processors

The use of 8th generation Intel Core processors could not be missing. In Spain there are two different configurations. The most basic opts for a quad- core Intel Core i5-8250U processor , clocked at 1.6 GHz per core. This speed can be brought up to a maximum of 3.4 GHz at times of greatest need. On the other hand, if we want an extra power, we can opt for the most advanced version with an Intel Core i7-8550U chip . This processor has four cores at a speed of 1.8 GHz, which can be up to 4 GHz. In both cases the RAM is the same, 8 GB.

Our experience with the Core i5 processor has been satisfactory at all times, with good fluidity in all processes. Of course, you have to bear in mind that this PC does not include the option to reinforce it with a dedicated graphics card, so it will be more limited if you try to use it to play games.

Within the memory section, the configurations for sale in Spain include a 1 TB hard drive. An interesting option to be able to store a good number of files and applications, but that has a speed lower than that of an SSD disk. Precisely, I have been able to test this computer with a 120 GB SSD memory (next to the hard disk). Be that as it may, I wanted to put computer memories to the test.


Acer Aspire S 24 SSD Drive Speed ​​Test Results

In the case of the SSD disk, the reading speed goes up to 541 MB / s and the writing speed to 375 MB / s.


Acer Aspire S 24 Hard Drive Speed ​​Test Result

Meanwhile, the result of the hard disk is placed in 118 MB / s of reading and 116 MB / s of writing.


Acer Aspire S 24 rear connections

Full connections and good audio system

Despite its compact size, the S 24 has a good number of physical connections. That includes four full-size USB ports . Three of them are USB 3.1 type, two of them on the left of the base and one on the right. A fourth USB port is hidden behind it and is intended to connect the wireless mouse and keyboard receiver. We also have a USB Type-C port, a standard that has become a reference in the field of smartphones.

Acer Aspire S 24, we have tested it 1

Left side connections

At the rear we find two HDMI ports and an Ethernet port , to be able to connect the S 24 to the Internet via cable. As for your wireless connections, we have Bluetooth and WiFi AC. This protocol allows us to connect to both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth, less saturated and more stable.

The Aspire S 24 is not a computer focused on the multimedia section. But still, the company has wanted to take care of its audio section. The speakers of this all in one surprise by the fineness of its base. The sound is quite clear and can be reached a considerable volume. Of course, as expected, it suffers with the low.


Right side connections

Price and reviews

The Acer Aspire S 24 is marketed in two different configurations in Spain. The simplest includes an Intel Core i5 processor and a 1 TB hard drive, and costs 940 euros. In the case of opting for the Intel Core i7 processor (with the same hard drive), the price goes up to 1,190 euros.

Acer-Aspire-S-24 profile view

In short, this is an all-in-one computer with a really attractive format. It is compact, elegant and goes straight through the eyes . That allows it to marry very well with any small table or office. The great advantage of the all-in-ones is that they eliminate cable clutter between the tower and the monitor, as well as that they are much easier to clean and take up less space. The big but of the Aspire S 24 is found in the users who want a larger screen format, and who will have to bet on other all in one (Acer itself offers other models with a larger screen). But still, a really attractive computer that moves smoothly in all kinds of common tasks (navigation, video viewing, office applications, etc.).

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The best of the Acer Aspire S 24

Its beautiful and compact design

Performance is smooth for all common office tasks

It has a base with wireless charging for mobiles

Has a good sound system for its size


It could get better…

Does not offer the option of using a dedicated graphics card

Your screen can be a bit small for users looking for a large screen