Microsoft already allows anyone to create and publish Xbox One games

Anyone can create and publish games for Xbox One

If you are a video game developer without too many contacts in the entertainment industry, now you have the easier things to get your title out. At least through Xbox One. And it is that Microsoft has decided to create a program for developers in which to speed up the process of publishing a game. All you need is a certification, not a classic approval system. All this so that anyone can develop and publish their game. It's called Xbox Live Creators , and it has its lights and its shadows.

The idea is simple: any developer who joins the program can avoid the step of finding a publisher that supports their game. Of course, this program is not free, with prices between 20 and 100 dollars (18 and 95 euros at the change). Although its certification allows the creator to develop titles and quickly bring them to the Xbox One store and Windows 10 store , where it can be sold directly to players.

Faster and easier

To date, it was necessary to have the support of a company or to be in the Xbox program for indie developers (independent). Now the certification of this program is enough to output the content created.

xbox live creator

Now, it is necessary to meet certain requirements. On the one hand, there is the obligation to develop a game that matches the Xbox / Windows 10 universe, so that it is available on any device compatible with the platform, be it console, mobile or computer . Additionally, the game may be removed by Microsoft if it is found to be harmful or inappropriate.

Also, the developer cannot activate multiplayer . However, you can make use of features such as registration, leaderboards or chat during the game.

Another negative point is that, according to the description of this Xbox Live Creators program, all the titles of independent developers would happen to be in a secluded place within the download store. Something that could damage the visibility of these titles. In any case,