▷ Fake followers on Instagram: 3 pages to see it for free in 2019


In recent months, applications such as Twitter or Instagram have decided to cut their losses with fake followers by deleting user accounts whose activity was low or null. Unfortunately, these types of accounts continue to exist today to fatten the numbers of people who hire them through pages to buy followers. Fortunately, there are ways to find out if a certain person has fake followers on Instagram, either through third-party pages or by using logic. This time we will show you three simple tools to find out if we have false followers and what ratio with respect to real followers corresponds to the total.



The page par excellence to analyze the statistics of YouTube channels, Twitter accounts and Instagram users. Although the tool in question does not show whether a certain account has a certain number of fake users , it is capable of creating statistics based on the activity of our publications (comments, I like you…).

The operation is very simple: we will write the name of the user in question and it will show us all their statistics. Best of all, it has graphs that show a history of our followers to see the exponential growth during a certain period of time. Having shocks in any of these graphs can be a sign of having fake followers . By clicking on this link we will access the platform.

IG Audit

ig audit

If we want to know what is the percentage of fake followers on Instagram, IG Audit is the best free page to see fake followers. The page is very simple: we will enter the nickname of the Instagram user, and after several seconds of analysis, it will show us the percentage of false followers with respect to the total .

Another piece of information it shows us is the ratio of likes and comments on our account based on what the algorithm deems appropriate . If there is a noticeable difference between the two ratios, it is most likely that it is an account with purchased followers. We can access from this link.

Hype Auditor


A web page that audits practically all the data in our account. The disadvantage compared to the previous ones that you cannot get estimates for accounts with less than 1,000 followers . The good thing is that the report it makes, after entering our email address, is one of the most complete on the Internet.

Charts of follower growth over time, demographic situation and organic interaction statistics (the "veracity" of interactions). If we observe any strange behavior, either in the origin of the followers or in the interactions through comments, surely we are facing a purchased account. Here we will find the page.

... and logic

The last and most effective method to assess whether an account has fake followers is to use logic.


Followers with strange names, people from Arab countries, disproportionate like / number of followers ratio ... All these are clear indications that together with the previous tools, it will tell us if it is really a user who has bought followers. We can see it just below this paragraph.


The person in question not only has followers from eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, India ...), but the ratio of likes to that of his followers does not correspond to organic traffic. With just over 125,000 followers, the average number of likes amounts to 1,000. In short: clear indications that we are facing an account that has bought followers .


From now on we can notify Instagram through the Report account button or stop following the person in question.