10 memes to wish Happy New Year 2017 by WhatsApp


While we are living the last minutes of 2016, it is time to review what the last 12 months have been. But above all, they are also days of family, of friends that you have not seen for a long time and it is even the perfect opportunity to recover those friendships that have gone to the background in recent years. And between so much love and so much brotherhood, there is no other choice but to prepare our phone for the one that comes to us.

This is how to avoid unnecessary searches in the last seconds of the year, we have compiled 10 memes with which you can wish a Happy New Year 2017 to all your contacts. From videos to images, passing through various messages so that you surprise your loved ones and even those contacts that you have stored in the memory of your mobile with whom you only speak on dates as important as these.

It should be remembered that while before we were desperate due to the collapse of telephone lines, or the SMS network, now WhatsApp is the chosen medium for all kinds of congratulations. From the birthday, to the Happy New Year . Everything happens through this messaging application that just last Christmas was saturated after the chimes. With what the recommendation, of course, is that you send them before dinner so that they do not remain in limbo of ones and zeros.

The raffle of good and evil


Real as life itself, in 2017 some will do well and others will do poorly. So now you know, you can send it to your contacts and in 12 months ask them which side their luck has played this year.

Happy old night

Happy old night

Without a doubt, this can be a greeting for the newlyweds. The jokes of mothers-in-law, like those of the brothers-in-law, never be missing.

The almax, always present


Not only is Ned Stark looking for it, we all at some point look for the Almax in the medicine cabinet, or the fruit salts or directly we decide to continue drinking. But to illustrate the excesses of these days, few memes better than this.



There is always someone at your table who eats the grapes faster than the chimes go, and looks at us defiantly. This meme is for you, you see, nobody cares.

Let the choking of the grapes begin

choking_ grapes

Next to the fast, there is also usually the one who chokes. Why? Well, if you have the one next to you who is going like a lightning bolt eating the grapes, when you try to get on their level and not have that speed, it may happen that you end up choking.

Purposes for 2017?


No, that's the end of signing up for the gym on January 2. The purposes, to continue doing what we want.

Star Wars


In the year that Rogue One was released and in which Princess Leia has also left us, you cannot miss a Star Wars congratulation.

Save the prawns


I said, the prawns that return to the freezer for next year. And the insult to the brother-in-law.

Be careful with what we drink


Everything is laughter until the Civil Guard appears with a lightsaber and orders us to stop. And even worse, then it makes us blow. So those who "drink and drink again" are the fish in the river. We are going to have a 'zero zero' beer.

The black of WhatsApp could not miss


He had a great role in 2016, the black WhatsApp that has so tired everyone, now returns in the form of a Christmas greeting.