Samsung HU8500 Series

Samsung HU8500

your expert RecommendThe HU8500 curved televisions are Samsung's big bet for this 2014. Available in 55, 65 and 78-inch formats , these models come to transform the way we watch TV in the living room. In addition, they sport a powerful 4K resolution (four times the detail of Full HD panels) that creates the feeling of looking through a window into the real world.

And all this with the latest additions in terms of Smart TV , such as a dedicated football mode to enjoy the beautiful game or the ability to combine a television channel and an app on the same screen. We tell you all the details about these curved televisions.

Samsung HU8500

Curved design and formats

Without a doubt, the great novelty of this year is the introduction of curved televisions. Samsung has created models that want to recreate the way our vision is built. Thanks to this, a more natural and immersive experience is generatedwhen getting in front of one of these TVs. Of course, it is an effect that must be experienced in the first person to fully appreciate the difference compared to flat televisions. In addition, another of the keys that these teams have is that they allow a larger television to be placed in a smaller space. This idea is interesting, since every time we buy bigger televisions, but that does not mean that our living room has grown in the same way. One of the challenges of this type of television is its mounting on the wall. Samsung has managed to respond with a mount that barely protrudes a little more than a centimeter from the wall compared to last year's flat TVs.

In addition to this commitment to the curve, the design of the HU85000 televisions stands out for its elegance, with very thin frames and the use of a metal strip on the sides. As we said at the beginning, these televisions are available in 55-inch, 65-inch and 78-inch formats . In the case of the model 55 inches , the dimensions are 123.2 x 76.7 x 30.7 centimeters while its weight is placed on the 23,8 kilos . The next 65-inch model measures 145 x 89.1 x 32.6 centimeters and weighs 31 kilos , while the larger 78-inch configuration is placed in the175.4 x 107 x 37.5 centimeters and weighs 52.5 kilos.

Samsung HU8500

Image and 3D

In the field of image, users can enjoy 4K or UHD resolution . This resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels quadruples the level of detail we can find in a panel Full HD , which will generate us the feeling of watching directly through a window. For those contents that are not available in 4K , the company has developed a powerful scaler that improves the resolution of the images and eliminates the noise of the scenes , so that we can achieve a very remarkable quality in HD and Full HD content.

Additionally, the company has also introduced various advanced technologies to enhance the viewing experience. On the one hand, we must highlight Auto Depth Enhancer. This technology analyzes the scenes according to a movement algorithm and determines in real time which objects are placed in the foreground and which are in the background. Increase the contrast of the elements that are closer and decrease the contrast of the farthest. The result is an effect similar to 3D without glasses. We also have Pur Color technology , with which more vivid and natural colors are achieved. All this is possible thanks to a Quad Core + processor which doubles the performance of a quad-core processor.

In the field of 3D , Samsung curved televisions include two active glasses to enjoy a more complete experience of this type of content. As usual, we also have a 2D to 3D image converter.

Samsung HU8500

Smart tv

Today, Samsung is the company with the most comprehensive platform of smart features. But that doesn't mean the brand has rested on its laurels. In fact, this year the firm has incorporated several very attractive functions and has improved other aspects that were already present in previous generations. Of the first, surely the feature that we liked the most for what it means is the new Smart Control remote (or Premium remote). It is a device with a curved design that is very comfortable to hold. Its great novelty is in the use of a pointer a través de Bluetooth que se puede mover a través de la pantalla para acceder a los diferentes contenidos y navegar por la tele. No es el primer fabricante que apuesta por esta idea, pero la finura y facilidad de uso de este puntero son muy altas. Además, al no usar infrarrojos no tenemos que estar apuntando directamente a la tele.

Another feature that should be highlighted is the use of the split screen . The novelty is that when we activate this function the applications interact with each other. This means that if, for example, we are watching a football match and we open the browser on split screen, search results related to this event will be automatically searched. We can also use other apps such as YouTube (with search for related videos) or other video platforms.

It is world - year, and the Korean company has wanted to join this crazy football with a specifically dedicated that allows a close experience to watch the game in a football stadium. Through this mode you can also perform automatic recording videos with the best moments of the match. We also have a trending panel that shows us related tweets from the most popular shows. Among the news, the last option that we would like to highlight is the game mode. It is a separate platform with a very visual aspect that allows us to play different titles (both through the controller and through the mobile).

Two features that existed last year but have been greatly improved are the alternate control modes. On the one hand, to control the TV through gestures it is no longer necessary to use the whole arm, but simply to use the hand. Although an important leap has been made, he still has a long way to go. What has reached an important level of maturity is voice control. Samsung has improved this tool so that its handling is very intuitive, so that we will not need to use any tutorial to get to use the TV with our voice. In addition, the level of recognition is very fine.

Samsung HU8500


In the field of sound, the HU8500 curved televisions of the brand incorporate four 15W speakers for a total sound power of 60W . The company has used the design of this curved TV to improve audio transmission and create a more powerful effect on the bass.

Samsung HU8500


Samsung's HU8500 curved TVs are top-notch equipment that stands out for its novel design as well as its 4K picture quality and advanced features. The world of smart TV moves very fast and the Korean company has taken very important steps to continue being the benchmark in this market. The improvement of voice control, the control with the pointer or the ability to use several applications on split screen are some of the arguments that we liked the most about these teams.

Samsung HU8500

Data sheet

ModelSamsung HU8500
Screen Diagonals55 inch

65 inches

78 inches

Dimensions and weight55 inches: 123.2 x 76.7 x 30.7 centimeters and 23.8 kilos

65 inches: 145 x 89.1 x 32.6 centimeters and 31 kilos

78 inches: 175.4 x 107 x 37.5 centimeters and 52 kilos

Image3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4K UHD) on its curved panel

Quad Core + Image Engine

Auto Depth Enhancer

Pur Color

1,200 Hz frequency

UHD image upscaling

Smart tv

Soccer mode


Premium stick with pointer

Smart Control with gestures

Voice control


Games panel

Samsung Apps (YouTube, Social TV, Vevo, Dailymotion, Twitter ...)

Screen Mirroring

3DActive 3D (two glasses included)

2D to 3D converter

SoundTwo 10W tall speakers

Two 10W midrange speakers

Two 10W woofer

Output power: 60W (20 + 20 + 20)

DTS Premium Sound 5.1 mode

ConnectivityOne Connect Box

Dual DTT tuner

4 x HDMI 2.0

USB 3.0

2 x USB 2.0


Component / Composite Video

Optical digital audio output


Wi-Fi Direct


Bluetooth (keyboards and audio)

PriceTo confirm
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