How to password protect a Word document


The Word word processor is one of the most widely used, whether for PC or Mac computers. It is not always advisable to leave a document open, so that anyone can read it and modify the text. To avoid this, the user can protect it with a password . It is a very simple and quick procedure to complete, which can be done at the time of creating the document or later. Another possibility is to use a password to prevent other users from modifying the document format ; this way you can go through several hands without your appearance being altered.

Before we begin, a few general warnings. It is essential to remember the password , because if it is forgotten, it will not be possible to recover it. The system uses passwords of eight or more characters; in fact, it is recommended to work with phrases of fourteen characters or more. It is also a good idea to combine numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters in the same password. Here's how to password protect a document in Microsoft Word 2007 .


To set a password for a document with Word 2007 , the first thing is to open it. Second, you have to click on the circular Microsoft Office button , which is located in the upper left corner, and click on Save As . In the pop-up window, choose Tools and then General Options . There are two options: Open password (to open the document) and Write password(to save the changes to the document). The open password is the most secure, because it uses advanced encryption. On the other hand, the write password is designed so that you can collaborate with the content reviewers in the preparation of the document; only those who have permission will be able to save the modifications. The user can assign both passwords to the same document; the ideal is that they are different. You can check the Recommended read-only check box to prevent content reviewers from accidentally modifying the file. Then you have to click OK . Afterwards, you will have to retype the passwords to confirm them and click OK . Then click Save. To conclude, the system asks if the user wants to replace the existing document, and it is necessary to click Yes .

On the other hand, it is possible to restrict format changes . To do this, you have to choose the Review tab and within the Protect document group (to the right of the top) you select the Restrict formatting and editing option . In the Formatting restrictions section of the task pane, choose Protect document , and check the Limit formatting to a selection of styles box. Then click Settings to specify the styles that other users can change or apply. Inside Styles , it is necessary to make sure that the check box is activated.Limit the format to a selection of style . Next, you have to activate the checkboxes next to each of the styles that you want to allow in the document. Within Format , you must also activate the existing check boxes next to the desired types of format. Then, click OK .

It may happen that a message appears alerting that the document may contain unsupported formatting types or styles. In that case, there are two possibilities. The first is to click Yes to remove the unsupported styles and formats. The other is to click No to keep them; This means that other users will not be able to use them when they edit the document.

The next step is to enter the Start applying section , and click on the Yes, apply protection option . To assign the password that prevents removal of protection, you must type it in the Enter the new password box and then confirm it.