How to read WhatsApp messages without them noticing

How to read WhatsApp messages without them noticing

With WhatsApp there are times when we feel constantly watched. On the one hand, we have the last connection clock. "Why haven't you answered the message? I sent it to you at 6 and you connected later. " Does this sound like something to you? Surely they have told you once. We have, on the other hand, the dreaded blue check. "Hey, on WhatsApp what I sent you came out in blue, why am I still waiting for an answer? “ This also sounds familiar to you. Well, there are certain ways that help us to read the messages that they send us without the other knowing that you have. And without having to download and install third-party applications.

How to read WhatsApp messages without them noticing

Put the mobile in airplane mode

A drastic option, although perfect, if you want to read a WhatsApp message but without the other person knowing that you are connected. To do this, before opening your WhatsApp window, enter the mobile settings and put it in airplane mode. As there is no Internet connection, you can open the chat window without fear that the application will detect that the message has indeed been read. Obviously, it also works if you turn off the data and WiFi. The desired effect is the same: not having Internet on our device.

Activate WhatsApp pop-up messages

A very practical option of WhatsApp to read the messages without opening the application is to activate the pop-up messages. To do this, you must go to the WhatsApp settings and, in notifications, press the desired option. You can make a window appear with the messages when the screen is on, off or always show it. Thus, you can read the messages without them knowing.

whatsapp pop-up notification

Read messages from the notification curtain

If you have WhatsApp notifications activated, every time they send you a message, an icon of the application will appear right at the top, with the rest of the notifications. To read the messages they send you without having to enter the application, simply drop the curtain . In the section corresponding to WhatsApp all messages will appear.

If you have Android 7 Nougat you will also be able to see all the messages that have been sent to you, even if they are different users and even if they have sent you more than two lines. To do this, you have to slide down the notification square, being careful not to click on it. A very simple to display and that will avoid giving explanations about the read or unread messages.

Place the WhatsApp widget

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But not just any: choose the one that has, on your mobile desktop, the chat conversations you have with your contacts. The moment someone sends you a WhatsApp message, in addition to the relevant notifications, the message they wanted to send you will appear in the widget. You can simply read the message through the widget you just placed. At no time will the blue check be sent to the person who sent you the message. A very practical way of reading messages without them noticing and, thus, not having to explain to anyone.