5 tricks to become the king of Google translate

5 tricks to become the king of Google translate

The other day we told you 5 tricks with which to make the most of Google Drive, one of the most interesting services that Google offers. But the search giant has many services on the web, of which the vast majority of us use a few. And one of the most used by users is the Google translator or Google Translate. Through a simple web service it allows us to translate any word or text quickly and easily.

It supports more than 100 languages ​​and can be used from the web, from Android and from iOS. So we could say that it is the "bedside" translator for many users. And since its basic use is very simple, we want to go a little further. That is why today we want to bring you 5 tricks that will allow you to get the most out of the Google translator .

Translate offline

If we are on vacation in a country where we do not understand the language, we can use Google Translate on our mobile. In Europe we will not have problems, since currently the Spanish rates can be used as if we were at home.

5 tricks to become the king of the offline Google translator

But what if we are in a country where we cannot use our mobile rate? Well it turns out that Google Translate also works offline . Of course, we have to be a bit forward-looking and download the language we need first.

How do we do it? It is very simple. We just have to click on the three lines located in the upper left corner and enter the option " Offline translation ". Here we will see a list with all the languages ​​that we can download to have them available offline. Once downloaded, the use of the translator will be the same as if we are online.

Translate using the camera

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It may be a function that still needs to be polished, but the truth is that it can save us from a hurry. Imagine that you are in a public place, a station, a gas station, a restaurant or any other place and that you need to understand what a sign says. Well, instead of having to write it, we can directly point it with the mobile camera and have the Google translator translate the text detected directly on the screen.

To achieve this you just have to open the translator application and click on the Camera icon, just below the text. The camera will open and you will have to point to the text of the poster you want to translate. The translation will appear on the original text through the use of augmented reality . As we said, it is not a perfect function by any means, but it can help us at any given moment.

Use Google Translate as a personal interpreter

Just like you can translate texts using your mobile camera, Google Translate can also translate voice .

5 tricks to become the king of Google voice translator

If we are in a foreign country and we want to have a short conversation with a person who does not speak our language, we can use the voice function of the Google translator.

All we have to do is open the application and click on the icon that looks like a speaker. At that moment we can speak to the mobile and the translator will show us the translated phrase.

We can use this function both to translate what we say and to translate what the other person answers us. If we want to have a conversation with another person, we can press the Conversation option instead of Voice. Through this option, the application will listen to both parties and will translate the entire conversation.

Translate entire documents

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Now we are going with a very interesting functionality that we have available in the web version of Google Translator. Imagine that you have to translate a fairly long document. It would be quite exasperating to have to be copying and pasting the sentences of the text to make the translation, right?

Luckily, Google Translate offers us the option to upload documents and translate them instantly . This option can be found in the link that says Documents, just above the main screen where we put the text. The page accepts text files in Word, PDF, PowerPoint or RTF format.

Save translations

5 tricks to become the king of Google translator save translations

Finally, we want to tell you that the Google translator allows us to save translations so that we can quickly consult them later. Doing so is really easy. We just have to click on the star that we have on the right side of the translation that we want to save.

Once saved to consult it again we have to click on the three bars in the upper left and on the Vocabulary option . Here we will find all the translations that we have saved. A very useful option if we are going to use a specific phrase a lot and we want to have it handy.