How to update the iPhone 4S software

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Many iPhone users are true connoisseurs of everything that involves having a smartphone in their hands. So much so, that the vast majority have their device up-to-date with relevant updates and skillfully manage any new applications that Apple allows them to integrate. And the truth is that it is not that difficult either. The Cupertino company makes it more or less easy for us to keep up to date, so that you just have to follow the basic instructions to carry out any changes and thus be up to date with all the corrections and added improvements that are being made. shine apple. Yes, today we want to talk to you about the software updates for the iPhone 4S , the latest smartphone model that the company has in its catalog. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions to keep your terminal up to date on software issues.

Instructions to update your iPhone 4S using iTunes

1) First of all, make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer. This program is the one that will allow you, in addition to buying multimedia content and applications, to keep your iPhone 4S updated for free . From the same program you will have the opportunity to download the updates that Apple is presenting to improve the phone's performance, correct bugs or even add new functions.

Remember that if you still do not have this program installed, you will have to access the official iTunes page to download it. It will take a few minutes. If you already have it installed but it is not up to date, access the same page . The data package will perform the update taking into account the version you already have installed.

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2) Connect your iPhone 4S to the computer with the USB cable that comes in the box with the device. When opening iTunes , you should find your device on the left side, within the Devices section . From there you have the option to check if there are updates available by clicking on the Check for update button .

3) If the answer is positive (that is, there is an operational update for your iPhone 4S ) you can accept it by clicking on Download and update .

Instructions to update your iPhone 4S via wireless

1) This formula is available for those who update to iOS 5 or higher. It is best to connect the iPhone 4S to the Wi-Fi network available in your home or office, since it is a considerable data download. With your iPhone 4S in hand, access the Settings section , select General and click on the Software update section .

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2) You will see how immediately (if there is an update available) the download begins. When you are done, click on the Install button . In a few seconds the installation will begin and soon you will be able to enjoy all the news that a new update always brings.