How to download Facebook videos to your computer

In this tutorial we show two ways to download Facebook videos to your computer without the need for programs or complicated processes.

In the first one, you just have to have the Internet browser Google Chrome , with which you can access any video from the Facebook social network . In this case we have chosen the trailer for the next Star Wars movie .

You just have to click on the video to play it . Here you click the right mouse button and then select the Show video URL option . That is, the Internet address of said video. Also with the right mouse button, we copy it to the clipboard .

Then we open a new tab in the browser , pasting the link of the video that we have copied before in the address bar . Of course, before pressing Enter , it is necessary to make a small modification . It is changing the W three times a M . Once this is done, the web page can be loaded.

The result is the mobile version of Facebook , showing the chosen video, but as if it were being viewed on the mobile. Here it only remains to click on the content to start playing it and then do the same with the right mouse button . This is where, finally, the option Save video as is available. ”¦ With it, it is possible to download the video, assigning it a name at will, and choosing the destination place within the computer where to save the content.

Thus, it is already possible to reproduce it at any time . Of course, this download method may not get the video in its best quality and resolution .

To achieve higher resolution when downloading videos, you can use this other method. It is enough to repeat part of the previous process. So, you just have to get the address of the video you want to download by clicking with the right mouse button on it and cop iando the link .

What is different is that, in this case, we use the page to do most of the work. Thus, it remains to paste the address of the video in the bar of this page. And then, choose the resolution to which you want to download with the lower menu. In this case we opted for the maximum available: Full HD or 1080p . After that you have to press the Download button .

This website has advertising that jumps when performing this process. But it is easy to close, having to wait for the lower load the video box to save it to your computer. When the button appears, you just have to right-click on it and choose the option Save link as ”¦ As with the other method, a window opens to choose the destination and name of the video, being able to save it to end on the computer.

With this second method it is possible to see how the downloaded trailer weighs a few MB more than the first. And, by accessing its properties , we confirm that its resolution is also higher.

download facebook videos to computer