5 extensions to take better advantage of Google Images

5 extensions to take better advantage of Google Images

Google Images is a service that is integrated into the most famous search engine on the Internet. As its name indicates, it is a tool that allows us to search for images that are indexed in Google. Next, we leave you a list of 5 very useful extensions that you can install in Google Chrome, to make the image search service even better.

See Image, recover a mythical button

view image

It is an extension for Google Chrome that allows us to recover the "See image" button, which was eliminated by Google in 2018. It is a very useful function, which was previously implemented natively in the Chrome browser, and that allows us to see any image in a new tab of the web browser, without having to open the website where it is hosted.

This extension allows us to easily recover one of the most useful functions of Google Chrome. The functionality of this extension goes beyond recovering the mythical button, since we can also add the "Search by image" function.

One click reverse image search

One click reverse image search

The reverse image search is one of the best features that Google Chrome includes, although it is hidden by default, so many users do not know that it exists. It is a very useful tool that allows us to search for images that look similar to a specific image .

This is a very interesting function that you can use to find out if someone has plagiarized one of your works on the Internet . You simply have to click with the right button of the mouse on an image, and then use the option to search for similar images. The extension also allows you to use other search engines to find similar images.

Google Images Restored, recover the old design

Google Images Restored

Google Images underwent a change in its design last summer of 2019. A change of look that all users of this browser liked. Fortunately, we can use this simple extension to make Google Images bring back the old drop-down image viewer layout .

CraftyRights, search for royalty-free images


In its default configuration, Google Images offers users all kinds of images, without differentiating those that are copyright-free from those that are protected.

This is a very simple extension that we can install so that the browser shows us only the images that are free of copyright . This means that we can download these images, and do anything with them, such as uploading them to our personal blog.

Canvas, completely change Google Images


We come to the last extension that we recommend for Google Images users with Google Chrome. It is a very complete extension that makes a radical change in the Google image search tool. Actually, it could be said that this extension installs an alternative image search engine , much more complete than the one that comes by default in the browser.

A fairly advanced tool for Google Images users that adds a multitude of extra functions, such as galleries with forward and back buttons, image editing tools to rotate, rotate, draw, add icons and text and much more. In short, an essential extension if you use Google Images a lot, and you need to edit the downloaded images.

Here ends our selection of the 5 best extensions to get the most out of Google Images. Do you want to add any?