Facebook, how to activate the Timeline or Facebook biography

facebook biography timeline

Last week, Facebook premiered a new type of profile, called Timeline , which here is called biography . The place chosen to start the starting gun was New Zealand . Now, the company announces that it is releasing the biography to everyone. It is a quick and easy way to share the most important moments of your life with the rest of the members of the social network .

It is also a way of communicating to friends all the content you have published so far. In addition, it allows you to show others what kind of music you like, for example. From today you can activate the Timeline . You have probably received a notice at the top of your profile if you want to get your bio. If not, having your bio right away is very easy.

facebook biography timeline

You just have to visit this Facebook page , and click on the button with a green background that says " Get your biography" in the lower right corner. Note that once activated, you have seven days to review it before anyone can see it. After this period, your bio will automatically appear and will replace the current profile . Of course, the publications and photos will be preserved. If you are impatient, you can go ahead and decide to publish the bio within seven days.

Before doing anything, you can find out what your bio will look like when others see it using the " View as ... " function and choose between audience or a specific friend. When checking the bio, you can choose to delete things , edit them, or hide them from view. For each of the updates you can set the degree of privacy so that it is only for you, for friends or for the public. Another novelty that the biography brings is the activity log , a place where you can review everything you have done on that social network from day one. From there you can set which updates you want to appear in your bio.

The new profile biography is also available on the mobile site Facebook (m.facebook.com) and through the application of the social network for Android . The company promises that it will continue to improve the features of the bio over the next several months.