Facebook now allows you to react to comments

facebook reactions comments

Because you don't just fall in love with original posts, Facebook has started applying reactions to comments as well . We refer to those faces that express more than a simple Like, and that have been accompanying each publication that is launched on the walls of the social network for several months. Now, however, things change and expand into comments.

From this moment, and both in the computer version and in the mobile application , it is possible to evaluate the comments with more options. Something that will give a lot of play from now on, especially in those group conversations that sometimes follow a controversial publication. Or on Facebook humor and meme pages where comments are just as important, if not more so, than the post itself.

React to a comment

The process is exactly the same as when reacting to a post . The difference is that it is done on the answers or comments that have been given. Now, in addition to offering a simple Like, it is possible to open the whole range of reactions: I like it, I love it, it amuses me, it amazes me, it saddens me and it amazes me. All of them with their respective animations and representations.

this is how you react to facebook comments

You just have to hover over the mouse pointer if you are doing it from a computer. After waiting half a second, all reactions are displayed just above the Like button. Thus, it only remains to select the desired reaction to said comment, which will be marked as such and can be consulted by whoever originally launched said message.

And so with each and every one of the comments shared regarding an original publication. There is no limit or brake . It is possible to offer reactions to each answer. Of course, you have to take the trouble to carry out this action of leaving the cursor over the Like and then selecting the desired expression. Something that consumes several seconds from the user and that, surely, will end up limiting the use of these reactions to those that are really worth it.

On mobile

The thing changes slightly if you want to react to a comment on the Facebook mobile application. The feature is now available on both Android and iOS , and the philosophy is the same. It is enough to access the comments of a publication to see the typical Like button.

reactions comments facebook app

Now, however, it is possible to perform a long press on it to display all the available reactions . Without lifting your finger from the screen, you have to slide it towards the expression that you want to reflect on a comment. The good news is that the animations of these reactions, and their increase in size when selected, make the process easy to carry out. Also, in case of confusion, it is always possible to re-choose the desired reaction.

When you lift your finger from the screen, the comment is evaluated with the respective reaction. However, and as it happens on the computer, the process is somewhat more laborious than giving a simple Like. Something that invites us to think that not everyone will react to each of the comments in a publication , but that it will serve to highlight the most important sensations of the most notable comments.