10 online stores to buy books

10 online stores to buy books

Book Day (Sant Jordi in Catalunya) is here. There are only a few days left until we celebrate this precious day, which commemorates the death of two key writers of literature. On the one hand, our Miguel de Cervantes; on the other, the magnificent William Shakespeare.

This April 23 we will buy many books . This is a good time to enjoy literature and make others enjoy it too. If you also go out for a walk in Barcelona, ​​you will have the opportunity to meet the best of media literature. And maybe, if you are patient and willing to queue, you can take home a dedicated book.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the online stores. And buy your books in advance. In this way, you will save queues and you can start reading the books you want as soon as possible. Keep in mind, on the other hand, that during these days they offer between a 5 and 10% discount in most bookstores . It is a good opportunity to get them at a better price.

Here are ten online bookstores to buy books.

amazon book week

1. Amazon

It is the online book store par excellence. Amazon started as a book store and over the years has become the pantry of the world. In any case, if you want to get hold of a good book and get it pretty quickly, you may want to take a look at their catalog. In fact, if you are registered with Amazon Prime, we recommend you take advantage of free shipping costs.

You can search and receive the books that are on pre-sale before anyone else. This week, Amazon also celebrates Book Week, so you will have the opportunity to access special promotions and featured books . If you are one of those who allow themselves to be advised, perhaps you will find something interesting here.

House of the book

2. House of the Book

Casa del Libro is one of the most popular stores on the Internet to buy books. Here you will find practically everything and you can become a member. The service they offer is more or less like Amazon's . You pay an annual fee of ten euros. And in return, you receive the books free of charge at home.

It is a matter of preferences. Before deciding, make sure that Casa del Libro has all the books that you would normally buy. This way, you can get more out of your subscription . And get interesting discounts.


3. Fnac

If you prefer, at Fnac you can also become a member. And in return, participate in interesting promotions . Like those offered by all the Days of the Book. If you buy two books, they will give you two ecological glasses at a better price. And if you are a member, with the purchase of four you will get it for free.

The advantages of buying at Fnac are higher if, in addition to buying books, you need to purchase discs or technology. Because you will kill two birds with one stone. In addition, the offer in terms of graphic novels, comics, travel or cooking and other specialist sections is very extensive . Which is always appreciated.

English court

4. The English Court

El Corte Inglés has its own book section. And the truth is that it is very extensive. If you access their website, you can access the News section, see which are the best-selling books and access special sections, such as Children's Books or Sagas and youth series .

If you buy here you can get a 5% discount during the days before and on the day of Book Day, as well as free shipping costs if your order exceeds 19 euros .


5. Abacus

Abacus is a cooperative where you can get discounted books throughout the year. If you become a member (you only have to pay once, when signing up for the card), both the books and the school and office supplies will be at a more competitive price than in other stores.

The great advantage of this store is that in addition to acquiring reading books , you have the option of acquiring textbooks, games, paint, colors, pencils, stickers and even toys.


6. Universal Comics

That yours are comics? Well in that case, you have to take a look at this store. Although today you can buy comics in any generalist bookstore, it is most likely that for more specific things you should go to a specialized store , such as Universal Comics.

It is one of the largest comic book stores that exist, so if you are looking for any title, you will find it here. You have countless comics at your disposal, as well as games, merchandising and even second-hand books .


7. Infantilandia

It is important that children become familiar with reading from a very young age. It doesn't matter that they still can't read. Books are an essential resource in any home. Infantilandia is an online store to buy children's books.

You will find hundreds and hundreds of interesting proposals classified by age, subject or special educational needs . You will also have recommendations and information about news at your fingertips.

sea ​​of ​​letters

8. The Sea of ​​Letters

Let's now continue with another online store for kids. La Mar de Letras is a great space, where you will find countless children's books and picture books for boys and girls . We like it because it includes the most interesting latest news, being able to carry out very specific searches by age and reading needs.


9. Altaïr

Looking for travel books? Are you interested in nature? What about geology? Well, here you have a library to suit you. This is Altaïr, an establishment where you will find atlases, traveling authors, guides for the Camino de Santiago, works on walks, photography, Route 66, Route of the Headquarters and endless other options.

The bookstore is a great space for travelers and free souls. You will like it if you are a lover of this literature. And if you are thinking of doing a special route , either in our country or around the world in general.


10. Relibrea

Another interesting option when buying books is Relibrea, especially if you want to save. Relibrea is a space where you can sell your old books and look for other editions , also second-hand, to take home. To search for a book you just have to access this page and search by title, author or ISBN in the search box. As simple as that.

Make sure to enter the references well, because the amount of books sold here is enormous. You will like it if you are a lover of old books and if you have a good shelf of literature to sell. This way you can also get an extra.