We compare Caprabo's home delivery service with Carrefour or Mercadona

We compare Caprabo's home delivery service with Carrefour or Mercadona

It is something we envisioned for the future. And it is here. We refer to online purchases. A way to save time without having to spend two hours in the supermarket, looking for products in the aisles or waiting at the checkouts for our turn.

But the best thing about shopping over the Internet is not only that. No way. What we like most about buying lettuce and milk from home is that we don't have to carry them around. This allows us to make larger and heavier purchases , taking advantage of the fact that the delivery men will bring it to our doorstep.

If we are sick or simply do not feel like going out , the advantages multiply. We could, in fact, go months without leaving the house and receiving everything we need: food, ice cream, cleaning products and any other item you can imagine.

In the last hours, in addition, Caprabo has announced that it will deliver express purchases on the same day, emulating Amazon. Until now, users of this type of service had to wait a minimum of 24 hours or adhere to the delivery day stipulated by each establishment.

Today we wanted to compare three very popular online supermarkets. They are Caprabo, Mercadona and Carrefour. Are you hesitating between any of these three? Well, let's see how they work.


Design and operation of the store

Logically, so that customers can make purchases with some comfort, the three supermarkets have an online platform from which to access. It happens, yes, that these online stores are not all the same. Both Caprabo and Mercadona are much more rudimentary. And this also makes shopping difficult.


Both the first and second have not been updated for a long time. Thus, the appearance of the store is mere product listings, which in many cases makes shopping difficult. It is clear that without seeing the product (especially if we buy it for the first time) it is easy to make mistakes and end up buying something that is not exactly what we wanted.

If you usually buy in that physical supermarket, you will see that it is much easier to identify the products we want by seeing them in the image. It should be noted, yes, that at least Caprabo adds a small photograph with the appearance of the product.

Of course, if you do not master the subject of quantities, keep it in mind. You may be trying to buy a large tomato jar in the online store, but due to a reading error, I ended up bringing home a small one.

carrefour online store

The best design is, without a doubt, that of Carrefour. The online store has adapted to modern times with a clear and functional aesthetic. The product classification is quite clear, in the sense that the user will be able to dive between El Mercado, La Despensa, Drinks, Baby, Cleaning and Home, Perfumery and Hygiene, Pharmacy and Pets.

The classification greatly helps the user to find the product they are looking for. If you want to buy a can of tuna, you will have to go to the pantry. Now, if you need 500 grams of chicken, you will have to go to El Mercado, where the fresh products are located. The same with the other categories and subcategories.

But what we like most about the design of the Carrefour store are the images. Its managers have taken care to add large and quality images so that the customer can identify the product well . And this is appreciated so as not to make mistakes.


Products and variety

In these times, in almost any supermarket we can find everything. More and more supermarkets are specializing and offering gourmet or international products. In the case of Caprabo, you will have access to almost everything you can buy in the store, but it is clear that it will not be so easy.

Especially when buying fresh products. In this case, it is important that you know exactly what you are buying. And that you are very clear that some products will not take them home. And this is only because they do not appear in the online store.

In the case of my reference Caprabo, for example, there is a section in which sushi is prepared at the moment . Well, if you wanted to buy that product online, you couldn't. Simply because it doesn't exist on the web.

The variety, in the case of Mercadona, is exactly the same as what we can find in the store. Thus, if the range of products that is offered in that establishment on a regular basis convinces you, you will not find surprises. Of course, you must bear in mind that there is a lot of white label (Hacendado) and that the products of the first brands are increasingly scarce.

If the Carrefour online supermarket has something, it is that the product variety is much wider . As in physical establishments, we can find a large number of brands and a much more varied display of the same product.

Another added bonus. Within the web, as in stores, you will find a Parapharmacy section . What is not useful? Wait to have a baby at home! This is great if you want to buy premium brands, such as porridge, milk, or moisturizers.

If you don't mind buying private labels, you may also find a large part of these products in the Hygiene, Perfumery or Babies section of any of the other two supermarkets.


Prices, shipping and preparation costs

The question of prices has a lot to do with the type of supermarket, so in this sense we will not find surprises. For example, in the case of Mercadona and Caprabo , the prices are much more unbeatable.

In addition, this second has a comparator that compares a good number of products every day, to indicate to the customer what the difference is between the prices of Caprabo and Mercadona , and to be able to offer a discount with the difference.

In this sense, the contrasts that we can find are hardly significant. And the purchase may even come out for almost the same in both stores . Especially if we opt for private labels, which in the case of Mercadona tend to have a higher quality.

carrefour products

Products at Carrefour are more expensive. However, there is an advantage that we can perhaps take advantage of. And it is the variety of product. By having such a wide catalog, it is easy for us to find a more economical cured cheese than that of any main brand or that we can even opt for packages with more or less product, which also adjusts or raises the price.

In shipping costs, the differences are also important. Caprabo charges us 6 euros to bring the purchase home, while Mercadona does it for 7.21 euros. Carrefour is the one that offers us a higher price for service. If the purchase is less than 90 euros, you will have to pay 9 euros. If it is between 90 and 170 euros, you will have to pay 6 euros. From 170 euros it is free.

If you choose the Click & Drive mode, which is to make the purchase online and collect it directly from the trunk, you will have to pay 3 euros. This same service is offered by Caprabo, but in very few supermarkets. In that case, the price is also 3 euros. If you make a purchase over 100 euros, the shipping costs will be free.

promotions offers carrefour

Online promotions and offers

The offers are also different, depending on the supermarket in which we buy. We must start from the basis that Mercadona hardly has any offers. Their prices are what they are and we may, at most, find a reduced amount. But that is punctual. We understand that these discounts are already applied to products that are sold online.

In the case of Caprabo and Carrefour, things are different. In Caprabo the discounts are already applied and the truth is that you can opt for interesting promotions, of the 3 × 2 type , discounts on second units and special promotions, to buy paellas or other products. If you are a regular customer and have the Caprabo card, your purchases will also count towards obtaining points and you can apply the physical vouchers you have by entering the codes.

Carrefour has more offers. Of that there is no doubt. In fact, in the store you will find a special section in which you can find the offers ordered by category. So you can see everything there is for Cleaning, Babies or Food. Then there are also specific discount coupons. Now, for example, one of 10 euros is offered to fill the fridge this summer.

carrefour summer

Speed ​​of shipments

With regard to shipments, it should be noted that all supermarkets offer, at most, delivery within 24 hours. This means that if you make the purchase today at 3:00 p.m., you will receive it the next day from that time. Not before. This as long as there are gaps for delivery.

In all cases, Mercadona, Caprabo and Carrefour will offer you the possibility of choosing a time slot when you are at home. It could be the next day or in the subsequent seven days. This is an interesting option if you want to make a forecast of your purchases.

In the case of Caprabo, it should be noted that since this same month of June it offers express deliveries . If you make the purchase in the morning, you can receive it in the afternoon. But this only works in some supermarkets in Barcelona. We will see if they will soon export this option to the rest.

On the other hand, in some rural areas you may have only stipulated one day for delivery of the purchase . We have only detected this in the case of Caprabo, so you will have to adapt to the supermarket's own calendar.

mercadona schedules

In conclusion…

Carrefour wins in many ways, because it has a much more beautiful, clear and pleasant online store. Buying through this channel will be more comfortable for you, because there are large images and a lot of product variety. They also have special offers galore, which is always more advantageous when choosing. Unfortunately, it is the one with the most expensive delivery service. 

Mercadona delivers on what it promises. There's no more. You will find the same products that are in the store and you will have no problem getting them. As a negative point, we must mention the characteristics of the online store. There are no images and it is difficult to find the product you are looking for among so many letters. You will not find discounts either.

Caprabo offers us the express delivery service on the same day, although for now it is only available in Barcelona. The online store is not as comfortable to use as Carrefour's, but at least it includes some images that help us identify the product. It has the cheapest shipping costs.