Yomvi Play, we tested the Canal + VOD platform for 6 euros per month

Yomvi Play

You've probably heard of Yomvi by now . Otherwise, it is an online content platform with on-demand television and Canal + live channels . The company wants to take a step forward with the arrival of Yomvi Play , a specific service that focuses on on-demand content (the view of live channels is sacrificed) and that reaches the market with a very affordable price of 6 euros per month. Among the programs available have about 2,000 titles between now movies yesterday, full seasons of shows like "True Blood" or "The Sopranos"and children's content. We have had the opportunity to take a look at this proposal that seeks to become the new Netflix in Spain. We tell you our impressions.

Yomvi Play

A section of Yomvi

Although we are still at the beginning of this platform, for the moment Yomvi Play has become one more section of the Yomvi online video store. Its operation is practically identical to that of its older brother, only in this case it has been clearly divided between the different types of content: movies, series, children's content and television programs. The user can navigate through this platform in search of the titles they are looking for. Both the interface and the operation of Play is the same as that of its older brother. That is, all the contents are seen through the browser (yes, it is necessary to install Microsoft Silverlight for it to work correctly) by means ofstreaming in case we are using a computer. Once the movie or series is finished watching, just close the window. Canal + will probably introduce more differences with respect to its older brother later on. In addition to the PC, Yomvi Play is also available as a differentiated section on other platforms such as Android phones and tablets , iPhone and iPad and for Smart TV platforms .

Yomvi Play

Movies and series for six euros a month

Without a doubt, the great attraction that Yomvi Play comes with is its price. Canal + has lowered the necessary quota to 6.05 euros per month, a very competitive cost that will allow it to compete with an advantage over other offers on the market. Of course, along the way, the possibility of watching live online content from Canal + has been eliminated , as is the case with its older brother Yomvi . Currently, we can see around 2,000 different titles including movies, series and children 's content, although the company has already announced that it will be up to 5,000 titles for December.

Within the catalog of films that we can enjoy today, we find a varied selection of titles ranging from fairly recent films such as "Shanghai" or "The Ides of March" to great classics such as "The Wizard of Oz" or "2.001: A A space odyssey ”. This is a set quite heterogeneous that can suit the tastes of a large percentage of the public, although one aspect to note is that we will not find (at the least so far) none of the latest releases that occur in Canal + (something what does happen when you bet on Yomvi). If you don't want to have the latest film releases, this selection may be more than enough. In addition, it will be necessary to see how Yomvi Play is reinforced in the coming months.

Access to the series through Yomvi Play seems more interesting to us today . The company has rolled out numerous full seasons of current and cult series. At the moment we have access to 90 different seasons of series such as “Los Soprano” , a production that here in Spain has gone more unnoticed at the public level but has garnered excellent reviews. We also have another lighter title like “La que se avecina”, which tells the crazy and increasingly surreal adventures of a very particular neighborhood community. A title that never gets old is "Friends" , which will allow us to relive the love and laughter of these friends who have left us many scenes to remember. Other titles to highlight are"Tell me how it happened", "True Blood" or "Big Bang". What we have not liked very much is that in several of these series we are only offered some of the seasons of these series, which can greatly limit enjoyment (especially if what we want is to see a specific series from beginning to end) .

The next section is the one dedicated specifically to children. Here could not miss the great "SpongeBob" , with several seasons of the adventures of this character who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea. We also have older titles such as "The Powerpuff Girls", "Dora the Explorer" or "The Ninja Turtles". In this case, it seems to us that this section still needs to be reinforced with more modern titles for today's kids. Of course, exploring this section has allowed us to discover that at some point a series of Mario Bros. was created, those nice plumbers who have shared our childhood throughout numerous consoles.

Yomvi Play


Yomvi Play is available on the same platforms as the regular Yomvi (in fact, it works as a separate section). That is, users who hire this service will be able to view Play on a computer through the browser, without the need to install a separate application. In this case, the contents are displayed in standard quality. Within the browser screen itself we can change the sound and view the contents in the original version. Of course, here we lacked the ability to enter subtitles.

In order to enjoy Yomvi Play content in high quality, this service must be installed through a smart TV. At the moment this app is only available on Samsung and LG devices . We can also see Yomvi Play on an Xbox 360 console and on mobile devices (there is a dedicated app for Android smartphones and tablets as well as for the iPad and iPhone ).

Yomvi Play

Price and reviews

Price is one of the great attractions of this platform. For the moment, users who want to try it can do so for free until December. From that month on, the price of Yomvi Play stands at 6.05 euros per month , a very competitive rate. In addition, another advantage is that when hiring this service we will not have to combine it with any type of permanence . We will also have access to the Yomvi box office service , from where we can access the most recent titles on the market. In short, a very affordable option that can become an excellent alternative to other online platforms on the market, but which still has a long way to go. Of course, between now and December Canal +He plans to double the available content up to 5,000 different titles , so we must be attentive to this evolution.

Yomvi Play

BrandChannel +
ServiceYomvi Play
TypeVOD content platform


Total titlesApprox. 2,000 titles
Films Approx. 670, The Ides of March, The Wolves of Arga, Shanghai, The Masters of Brooklyn
SeriesComplete seasons, 90 seasons The Sopranos, Friends, True Blood, Big Bang Theory
Children's contentApprox. 30 seasons, SpongeBob, Powerpuff Girls, Super Mario
Documentaries and showsApocalypse, Last Sessions with Marilyn
Forecast5,000 titles in December



Original version

Via browser

Smart tvHD

Samsung and LG models

Through app

Mobile devicesAndroid smartphones and tablets

iPhone and iPad

Xbox 360Yes


Price 6 euros per month
Canal + usersFree
PermanenceNo, free trial until December

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteYomvi Play

Price 6 euros per month