Yamaha MCR-B270D, your new most elegant and affordable mini system

Yamaha MCR-B270D, your new most elegant and affordable mini system

your expert RECOMMENDEDYamaha introduces a new mini system in its luxurious PianoCraft series. The MCR-B270D is a mini system consisting of a receiver with an integrated CD player and two compact speakers . The electronics box measures only 18 centimeters wide by 12 high and 32 deep, and weighs 2.7 kilos. The two speakers, 19 centimeters high by 12 wide and 29 deep, each weigh 2.2 kilos. Set already available on the market in a silver gray or black finish, it costs 330 euros .

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PianoCraft VCCS Construction

Yamaha makes musical instruments as well as electronics and motorcycles. His pianos inherit the name PianoCraft dedicated to their most elegant or elaborate components. In this case, we have an affordable mini system that does not nevertheless give up that style and some high-end construction details.

This Yamaha MCR-B270D maintains the style of the Yamaha family of Hi-Fi components, in which a sophisticated and high-quality appearance prevails. The electronics box, which contains the CD player, amplifier and control circuitry, has a front panel made of high quality aluminum . Thanks to this high-end detail, it gives it an elegant and fine finish: a touch of distinction to any room in the house where it is located.

To make these electronics perform as well as possible and avoid unwanted resonances, Yamaha has developed the VCCS system. The acronyms stand for Vibration Control Cabinet Structure (chassis with vibration control). It isolates vibrations efficiently in the components thanks to different absorbent internal parts. It also uses specially designed feet to minimize the transmission of vibrations, which further improves sound quality.

Quality electronics

With vibrations at bay, electronics can do their best. In this case, this Yamaha mini system is capable of playing high resolution music files. For that it uses a Burr Brown DAC converter capable of up to 24 bit and 192 kHz . It is used both for the internal CD player, and for files on the available USB input or DAB radio. Once converted from digital to analog, music is amplified by internal low-distortion, high-efficiency Class D stages that barely get hot. It offers 20 W per channel, and has a dedicated RCA output for a perfect bass box if we add that alternative in a large room.

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The USB input allows playing 192 kHz / 24-bit FLAC and WAV files. It also has an FM radio tuner with DAB (digital audio transmission). And a perfect option for mobile users: this Yamaha has Bluetooth , so you can easily send music from any device. This also opens the door to its use for “streaming” from the internet, through the computer or mobile phone.

As for the speakers, the price includes two units to complete the stereo. Each is two-way, with a one-inch diameter tweeter and a 11-centimeter mid-woofer . They are bass-reflex boxes that can drop down to 60 Hz in bass.

Broad connectivity

In addition to the aforementioned subwoofer output or USB input for memories or music discs, the Yamaha mini system is more versatile. It has a front 6.3 mm headphone jack so that we can connect a mid-range or high-end model there. On the back, we have an auxiliary input (3.5 mm stereo jack) to be able to amplify the signal from any source. And an interesting optical digital input , perfect for recovering the signal from a television and listening to series or movies with the mini system, taking advantage of its internal converter and amplifier.

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Rear panel of the new Yamaha mini system