8 questions and answers about Android Auto

8 questions and answers about Android Auto

Today we want to be connected at all times and, of course, the automotive world was not going to be any different. For this reason, we come across an infinity of proposals from the car companies themselves that incorporate native software in all their models to bring the experience of your mobile to the car.

However, it must be recognized that the greats of technology such as Apple or Google have much better structured and easy-to-use options , with more added functions such as internet connection, GPS navigation and various applications (chats, online radios, etc.).

In this special we are going to focus on Google's proposal, Android Auto, and we will explain everything you need to know about this application.

What is Android Auto and what is it for?

Before continuing, let's establish the basics about this service. Android Auto is an application for Android systems that allows us to manage our phone  through voice commands or through the screen of our vehicle.

This point is important, since it is still an interface adapted to the screen of our car that will allow us to drive more safely, since it minimizes distractions.

You will be able to surf the internet, listen to music, and stay connected while making calls or accessing your messages, with complete security and without having to take your eyes off the road.

What mobiles can it run on?

Google software is only compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher , although it is more recommended if we have version 6 or higher. It is important to take into account the issue of compatibility, since, until the arrival of the new version of the operating system, it was not possible to use the application.

Android OS

What do you need to start using it?

If you have already verified that your Android OS version is compatible, then you must download the application for free and connect your phone to your car using a USB cable .

There is also the possibility of synchronizing the mobile with our car wirelessly with the new Android Auto Wireless version, but the compatibility at the moment is very limited.

What do I do if my car doesn't have Android Auto integrated?

Do not worry, in this case it will be enough to install a radio equipment that is compatible. From the Android Auto website itself, they offer you an updated and detailed list of all compatible brands and models, among which we find the main manufacturers such as Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, and many more.

Here you will find the complete list:

Aamp: UN1880, UN1880E.

Adayo: DN56B6H, RN6V24A.

Alpine: i209, i902D, iLX-207, iLX-702D, INE-W710D, INE-W977A, INE-W977HD, X208AU, X208U, X209D, X802D-U, X902D.

Blaupunkt: Fuji 760, Monte Carlo 750, New York 750, Osaka 760.

Caska: CA9009-BR, CA9015-NR, RQ9012-BR.

CVTE: U621P, U701P, U702P, U703P.

Evus: DD680R.

JVC: KW-M730BT, KW-M745DBT, KW-V830BT, KW-V930BW, KW-V930BWM.

Kenwood:DDX6704S, DDX6705S, DDX6904S, DDX6905S, DDX8905S, DDX9016DABS, DDX9016S, DDX9016SM, DDX9017DABS, DDX9017S, DDX9017SM, DDX9018BTS, DDX9018DABS, DDX9018S, DDX9018SM, DDX916WS, DDX916WSL, DDX916WSM, DDX917WS, DDX917WSM, DDX918WS, DDX918WSM, DDX9703S, DDX9704S, DDX9705S, DDX9716BTS, DDX9716BTSR, DDX9717BTS, DDX9903S, DDX9904S, DDX9905S, DMX7017BTS, DMX7017DABS, DMX7018BTS, DMX7018DABS, DMX7704S, DMX7705S, DMX8018S, DMX905S, DNX516DABS, DNX5180BTS, DNX5180DABS, DNX5180S, DNX5180SM, DNX518VDABS, DNX574S, DNX575S, DNX694S, DNX695S, DNX7160BTS, DNX716WDABS, DNX7170DABS, DNX773S, DNX775RVS, DNX8160DABS, DNX8160S, DNX8160SM, DNX8170DABS, DNX8180DABS, DNX874S, DNX875S, DNX893S, DNX9170DABS, DNX9170S, DNX9170SM, DNX9180DABS, DNX9180DABS, DNX9180S, DNX9180SM, DNX994S, DNX995S, DPV-7000, KW-M730BT, KW-M740BT, KW-M740BTM, KW-M741BT, KW-M745DBT, KW-M845BW,KW-V830BT, KW-V840BT, KW-V930BW, KW-V930BWM, KW-V940BTM, KW-V940BW, MDV-Z904, MDV-Z904W, MDV-Z905, MDV-Z905W.

Macrom: M-DL9000.

Mongoose: Q2CA.

Panasonic: Strada CN-F1D.

Pioneer:AVH-2300NEX, AVH-2330NEX, AVH-2400NEX, AVH-2440NEX, AVH-3300NEX, AVH-3400NEX, AVH-4100NEX, AVH-4200NEX, AVH-4201NEX, AVH-W4400NEX, AVH-X8700BT, AVH-X8750BT, AVH-X8750BT X8790BT, AVH-X8800BT, AVH-X8850BT, AVH-X8890BT, AVH-Z5000BT, AVH-Z5000DAB, AVH-Z5050BT, AVH-Z5050TV, AVH-Z5080TV, AVH-Z5090BT, AVH-Z5100BT, AVH50B-Z5100BT, AVH50B-Z5100BT, AVH50B-Z5100BT, AVH50B-Z5100BT, AVH50B-Z5100BT AVH-Z5150TV, AVH-Z5180TV, AVH-Z5190BT, AVH-Z7000DAB, AVH-Z7050BT, AVH-Z7050TV, AVH-Z7080TV, AVH-Z7100DAB, AVH-Z7150BT, AVH-Z7150TV, AVH-Z7180TV, AVH-Z7180TV, AVH-Z7180TV, AVH-Z7180TV Z9100DAB, AVH-Z9150BT, AVH-Z9190BT, AVH-ZL5150BT, AVIC-7100NEX, AVIC-7200NEX, AVIC-7201NEX, AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-8200NEX, AVIC-8201NEX, AVIC-F70BT, AVIC-F70BT, AVIC-F70BT AVIC-F77DAB, AVIC-F80BT, AVIC-F80DAB, AVIC-F80TV, AVIC-F88DAB, AVIC-W6400NEX, AVIC-W8400NEX, AVIC-Z810DAB, AVIC-Z910DAB, FH-9300DVS, MVH-2300NEX, MVH-2400- Z5050BT, SPH-DA230DAB.

Sony: XAV-AX100, XAV-AX200, XAV-AX5000.

Nissan leaf

What cars are compatible?

Although Android Auto was available since 2014, it was not until 2016 that it began to be systematically integrated into most models on the market. During all this time, Google has been expanding the compatibility of the application to count more than 500 models currently.

Next, we leave you the list in alphabetical order:

Abarth: 595 2017, 695 2017.

Acura: 2018 Acura MDX, 2017 Acura NSX, 2018 Acura TLX.

Alfa Romeo: Giulia 2018, Giulietta 2017, MiTo 2017, Stelvio 2018.

Aston Martin: Rapide 2018, Vanquish 2018, Vantage 2018.

Audi: Audi A1 Sportback 2019, Audi A3 2017, Audi A4 2017, Audi A5 2017, Audi A6 2017, Audi A7 2017, Audi A8 2018, Audi Q2 2017, Audi Q3 2019, Audi Q5 2017, Audi Q7 2016, Audi Q8 2018 , Audi R8 2017, Audi TT 2017.

Borgward: BX5 2019, BX7 2018.

Buick: Encore 2017, Envision 2017, LaCrosse 2016, Regal 2016.

Cadillac: ATS 2016, ATS Coupe 2016, ATS Sedan 2016, ATS V-Coupe 2016, ATS V-Sedan 2016, ATS-V 2016, CT6 2016, CT6 Plug-in 2017, CT6 Sedan 2016, CTS 2016, CTS Sedan 2016, CTS V-Sedan 2016, CTS-V 2016, ELR 2016, Escalade 2016, Escalade ESV 2016, XT5 2017, XTS 2016. Chevrolet: Aveo 2017, Bolt EV 2017, Camaro 2016, Camaro Convertible 2016, Colorado 2016, Colorado / S10 2017 , Corvette 2016, Corvette Convertible 2016, Cruze 2016, Cruze Hatchback 2017, Equinox 2018, Impala 2016, Malibu 2016, Onix 2017, Prisma 2017, Silverado 2016, Silverado HD 2016, Sonic 2017, Spark 2016, Suburban 2016, Tahoe 2016, Trailblazer 2017, Traverse 2018, Trax 2017, Volt 2016.

Chrysler: 300 2017, Pacifica 2018.

Citroën: Berlingo 2018, C-Elysée 2017, C3 2017, C3 Aircross 2017, C4 2017, C4 Cactus 2018, C4 Picasso 2017, Grand C4 Picasso 2017, C4 SpaceTourer 2018, Grand C4 SpaceTourer 2018, C5 Aircross 2019, Jumpy 2017, SpaceTourer 2017-

Dodge : Challenger 2017, Charger 2017, Durango 2018.

DS: DS4 2017, DS4 CROSSBACK 2017, DS5 2017, DS7 CROSSBACK 2018

Fiat: 500 2017, 500L 2017, 500X 2017, Argo 2017, Tipo 2017

Ford: C-MAX 2017, Edge 2017, Escape 2017, Everest 2017, Expedition 2017, Explorer 2017, F-150 2017, Flex 2017, Focus 2017, Fusion 2017, Galaxy 2017, Kuga 2017, Mondeo 2017, Mustang 2017, Ranger 2017 , S-MAX 2017, Super Duty 2017, Taurus 2017, Tourneo Connect 2017, Transit 2017, Transit Connect 2017, Vignale 2017.

Genesis : G80 2017.

GMC : Acadia 2017, Canyon 2016, Sierra 2016, Yukon 2016, Yukon Denali 2016, Yukon XL 2016.

Holden: Acadia 2018, Astra 2017, Barina 2017, Captiva 2016, Colorado 2017, Commodore 2018, Equinox 2018, Spark 2016, Trailblazer 2017, Trax 2017.

Honda : 2016 Accord, 2016 Civic, 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell, 2017 CR-V, 2018 Fit, 2017 Freed, 2018 Odyssey, 2017 Pilot, 2017 Ridgeline.

Hyundai : Avante 2017, Azera 2015, Creta 2016, Elantra 2017, Elantra GT 2016, Genesis 2015, Grand i10 2016, Grandeur 2015, i10 2016, i20 2016, i30 2016, i40 2016, Ioniq Electric 2016, Ioniq Hybrid 2016, Ioniq Plug -in Hybrid 2016, Kona 2017, Maxcruz 2017, Santa Fe 2017, Santa Fe Sport 2017, Sonata 2015, Sonata Hybrid 2016, Sonata Plug-in Hybrid 2016, Tucson 2016, Veloster 2017.

Jaguar: Jaguar XJ 2019, Jaguar XF 2019, Jaguar XE 2019, Jaguar F-Pace 2019, Jaguar F, Type 2019, Jaguar E-Pace 2019, Jaguar I-Pace 2019.

JBL: Legend CP100

Jeep: Compass 2017, Grand Cherokee 2018, Wrangler 2018.

Karma: Revero 2018.

Kia : Cadenza 2017, Carens 2017, Carnival 2015, cee'd 2017, Forte 2017, Forte Koup 2017, Forte5 2017, K3 2017, K5 2015, K7 2017, K9 2019, K900 2019, Morning 2018, Niro 2017, Optima 2015, Optima Hybrid 2015, Optima Plug-in Hybrid 2017, Picanto 2018, Pride 2018, Rio 2018, Rondo 2017, Sedona 2015, Sorento 2016, Soul 2014, Soul EV 2015, Sportage 2017, Stinger 2018, Stonic 2018.

Lamborghini: Aventador 2018, Centenario 2016, Huracán 2019, Urus 2019.

Land Rover: Range Rover 2019, Range Rover Sport 2019, Range Rover Velar 2019, Range Rover Evoque 2019, Land Rover Discovery 2019, Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019.

Lincoln : 2017 Continental, 2017 MKC, 2017 MKX, 2017 MKZ, 2017 MKZ Hybrid, 2017 Navigator.

Mahindra: XUV500 2015.

Maruti Suzuki: Baleno 2015, Ciaz 2014, Dzire 2017, Ertiga 2016, Ignis 2017, S-Cross 2015, Vitara Brezza 2016.

Maserati: Ghibli 2017, Levante 2017, Quattroporte 2017.

Mazda: Mazda6 2018, CX-5 2019, CX-8 2019, CX-9 2019.

Mercedes-Benz : A-Class 2017, B-Class 2017, C-Class Cabriolet 2018, C-Class Coupe 2018, C-Class Sedan 2018, C-Class Wagon 2018, CLA Coupe 2017, CLA Shooting Brake 2017, CLS Coupe 2017 , CLS Shooting Brake 2017, E-Class Cabriolet 2017, E-Class Coupe 2017, E-Class Sedan 2017, E-Class Wagon 2017, G-Class 2018, GLA 2017, GLC Coupe 2018, GLC SUV 2018, GLE 2017, GLE Coupe 2017, GLS 2017, Mercedes-Maybach 2018, S-Class Cabriolet 2018, S-Class Coupé 2018, S-Class Sedan 2018, SL 2017, SLC 2017.

Mitsubishi : ASX 2017, Delica D: 2 2017, Delica D: 2 Custom 2017, Eclipse Cross 2018, i-MiEV 2017, Mirage 2017, Mirage G4 2017, Outlander 2017, Outlander PHEV 2017, Pajero 2016, Pajero Sport 2016.

Nissan: 2018 Altima, 2018 Kicks, 2018 LEAF, 2018 Maxima, 2018 Murano, 2018 Rogue, 2019 Rogue Sport, 2019 Sentra, 2019 TITAN, 2019 TITAN XD, 2019 Versa Note, 2019 Versa Sedan.

Opel : Adam 2016, Ampera-e 2017, Astra 2016, Combo 2018, Corsa 2016, Crossland X 2017, Grandland X 2018, Insignia 2016, Karl 2016, Mokka 2016, Zafira 2016.

Peugeot : 208 2017, 2008 2017, 301 2017, 308 2017, 308 SW 2017, 3008 2017, 508 2017, 508 SW 2017, 5008 2017, Expert 2017, Partner 2018, Rifter 2018, Traveler 2017.

RAM : 1500 2018-, 2500 2018-, 3500 2018-, Chassis Cab 2018.

Renault : Captur 2017, Clio 2017, Clio Estate 2017, Espace 2017, Grand Scénic 2017, Kadjar 2017, Kangoo 2017, Koleos 2017, Master 2017, Mégane 2017, Mégane Estate 2017, Scénic 2017, Talisman 2017, Talisman Estate 2017, Trafic 2017 , Twingo 2017, ZOE 2017.

Seat : Alhambra 2016, Arona 2017, Ateca 2016, Ibiza 2016, León 2016, Toledo 2016.

Škoda: Fabia 2016, Fabia Combi 2016, Karoq 2018, Kodiaq 2017, Octavia 2016, Octavia Combi 2016, Rapid 2016, Rapid Spaceback 2016, Superb 2016, Superb Combi 2016, Yeti 2016.

Smart: fortwo 2017, fortwo cabrio 2017, forfour 2017.

SsangYong: Rexton 2017, Musso Sports 2018.

Subaru: BRZ 2018, Impreza 2017, Legacy Outback 2018.

Suzuki : Hustler 2016, Ignis 2016, Lapin 2016, Solio 2016, Solio Bandit 2016, Spacia 2016, Spacia Custom 2016, Spacia Custom Z 2016, Swift 2016, WagonR 2016, WagonR Stingray 2016.

Tata Motors : Nexon 2017.

Toyota : 4Runner 2020, Aygo 2018, Sequoia 2020, Tacoma 2020, Tundra 2020, Yaris (Europe Only) 2019.

Vauxhall: Adam 2016, Astra 2016, Combo 2018, Corsa 2016, Crossland X 2017, Grandland X 2018, Insignia 2016, Mokka 2016, Viva 2016, Zafira 2016.

Volkswagen cars: Arteon 2017, Atlas 2018, Beetle 2016, Beetle Cabriolet 2016, CC 2016, CrossFox 2017, Fox 2017, Golf 2017, Golf 2016, Golf Cabriolet 2016, Golf Sportsvan 2016, Golf Variant 2016, Jetta 2016, NMS-Passat 2016, Passat 2016, Passat Variant 2016, Polo 2016, Sagitar 2016, Saveiro 2017, Scirocco 2016, Sharan 2016, Suran 2016, T-Roc 2018, Teramont 2018, Tiguan 2016, Touareg 2018, Touran 2016, Voyage 2017.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Amarok 2016, Caddy 2016, California 2016, Caravelle 2016, Crafter 2017, Multivan 2016, Transporter 2016.

Volvo: XC90 2017, S90 2017, V90 2017, V90 Cross Country 2017, XC60 2018, S60 2019, V60 2019, XC40 2018.

Android Auto

How do I use the application?

Once you have connected your mobile to the car, Android Auto will take the characteristics of your device and dump them directly on the dashboard screen, showing us all the information in an intuitive and familiar interface, with drop-down menus and well-recognizable icons.

From the main menu, we will have a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen with a series of quite recognizable icons. Each one corresponds to a series of basic functions that we can perform while driving, such as navigating with Google Maps, making or receiving calls, listening to music, restarting the native interface of your car and a start button that returns us to the main menu (as in mobile phones or tablets).

In addition to these functions, Android Auto also shows you updated information about your contacts or applications that are running in the main window .


What else can you offer me?

Android Auto allows you to easily access various tools and approved content from its own interface. Of course, not all the applications you use on your mobile are compatible, so here is a small list of the best and most useful  in our opinion.


When we are in the middle of a long trip, it is always advisable to have entertainment options to make the journey more enjoyable and not die of boredom.

Spotify is undoubtedly the largest music streaming service in the world , and for many it would be a crime if it were not compatible with Android Auto. Luckily, it is fully integrated with access to its huge offering of songs and artists available in its library.

For radio lovers, Scout FM is an aggregator of radio shows and podcasts that you can listen to whenever you want. The application will also find other programs with a similar tone to the ones you are listening to making finding new content easier than ever.

Messenger service

There are several messaging options, all welcome, so you can keep up with your messages without losing sight of the wheel.

If you already have WhatsApp on your mobile (sure you do), you can configure automatic responses  when a new message arrives. You can also compose messages with the Google Assistant using the command  "OK Google, send a message to (contact name) by WhatsApp" .

In case you prefer Facebook Messenger, all incoming messages will be sent to your Android Auto (if it is active). You can also have Android Auto read your messages aloud, or simply send an automatic message that alerts your contacts that you are driving in response to any of their messages.

With Telegram you can also listen to the messages received , or reply using the Google Assistant without letting go of the wheel.


Waze is a GPS-assisted navigation service with real-time information taken from its base of millions of users. One of the best applications to go on a trip, as it provides information about accidents and unexpected delays, road works or traffic in your route suggestions.

What other alternatives to Android Auto are there?

There is no doubt that Android Auto is a great application that helps us reduce the number of distractions behind the wheel when we use the mobile in the car. However, we cannot ignore the existence of other tools that offer us (practically) the same services.

We collect you the  best applications to use in the car  with access to the fundamental services you need behind the wheel and a simplified interface.


We start with the most obvious. Apple CarPlay is, in short, the version of Android Auto for iOS users. In other words, a fast and convenient way to access the data stored on your iPhone through the dashboard screen.

Apple CarPlay performs the same functions as Android Auto. You can use its interface to get navigation directions, make calls, send and receive text messages, and listen to music or podcasts. Of course, much of CarPlay's features will be accessible using Siri, Apple's voice assistant.

Car Dashdroid

Car Dashdroid offers an easy and intuitive interface . It has by default with direct access to our contacts, Play Music, and other functions such as Navigation or voice commands. But we can configure it as we want once installed.


AutoMate offers us a complete application with options to automate actions such as the automatic opening and connection of the application just by detecting the Bluetooth signal of our vehicle.

Its interface is also very similar to Android Auto, as is its handling, with the exception that AutoMate is compatible with all versions of Android running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version or higher. A good starting point, since it increases the number of users with access to the app compared to the official Google version.

Car Home Ultra

Finally, we close with an application that is not so successful at the design level, but very useful and full of functions. Car Home Ultra allows us to configure several direct access commands, either to call certain numbers, navigate to specific locations, or to access certain apps. Also manage any entertainment application.