Tukano Elektro and Libro, two covers for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung Cases Tucano 01

Did you know that for just a few days, it is already possible to reserve the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with the main operators in the country? Both Movistar , Orange and Vodafone will offer these two high-end equipment to their customers from this month of March, although shipments will not begin until April 10 . Meanwhile, and if you are interested in getting one of these two great teams, you can prepare for the occasion. And it is that the Italian firm Tucano has just unveiled a new line of covers to protect the device and give it a touch of Milanese design . It's about theElektro and Libro , two cases made of leather, but with light metallic touches that will help you protect the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for as long as possible against the bumps and scratches generated with daily use.

Samsung Tucano 02 Cases

But let's take a closer look at these covers. The first, and perhaps more sophisticated, is the one that Tucano has baptized with the name Elektro . It has an all-metal design and has reinforced corners to prevent damage from accidental drops. It blends seamlessly with the design and surface of new gear, which is great if you love showing the world the metal casing of your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . In fact, it is a protector that you can install your device without hiding it, adapting perfectly to the shape of the phone without adding excessive thickness and always displaying the Samsung logo . In addition, being fully open, it offersdirect access to the functions of the smartphone , without obstacles in between. Protective sleeve Elektro of Tucano will be available in two colors: gold and black for 16.90 euros .

Samsung Tucano 03 Cases

The case baptized as Book is also compatible, this time only with the Samsung Galaxy S6 , but it has a much more traditional, book-like design . It is a coverage that reaches the entire surface of the equipment, with a back cover that will protect it from any accidental damage . The interior is completely covered with anti-scratch material, while on the outside, we will find a very soft eco-leather coating , with a very pleasant and comfortable touch. The sleeve will allow users to talk without opening it and store cards inside. We will find it available in the colors red and black .

As if this were not enough, the new Tucano case includes Anti-radiation System , an innovative technology that consists of an internal fabric, designed to protect users from the radiation of the phone while they are using its functions, including calls, with the device glued to the user's head. In this way, in addition to protecting the architecture and functions of the phones, Tucano wants to give users extra security to contribute to their health. The Book cover will be available in the market for 22.90 euros .