New wave of spam with Rosalía, be careful with the number 607122077

607122077 tone rosalia scam

Have you recently received any calls from the number 607122077? Well, you're not the only one. More than a hundred users have publicly denounced the reception of calls through this number. As we alerted a few months ago in, the purpose of the call is to offer a service similar to Yavoy de Movistar. This service sets a waiting tone - usually a Rosalía song - when we receive a call. The problem is that their hiring is not exactly economic, because in some cases it can reach ten euros a month.

I received a call from 607122077, who is it?

"I have received a couple of calls from this number and I don't know who it is", "I get a recording of a song by Rosalía", "I have picked up the call and I only hear a voiceover of a song by Rosalía" ... These are several of the testimonies that we have been able to find on the Internet around the number 607 12 20 77. But who is it really?

The truth is that today we do not know its authorship. What we do know is that it is a company that offers call waiting services very similar to those of Yavoy de Movistar . Through a monthly fee, the service will allow us to establish a personalized waiting tone, such as a song or a recording. The cost of this service is unknown, but some users have even stated that its cost is 0.90 euros per week, depending on the tone. Per month this represents almost 4 euros on the bill.

How to block calls from 607 122 077

Subscribing to the Robinson List will not take effect, as confirmed by several users. The only way to block this type of call is to use third-party applications, such as Mr. Number for iPhone or True Caller for Android.

These applications have a huge database of spam numbers that have been registered by other users. If the number matches any of the application's records, the call is blocked instantly . They also have a manual exclusion list that we can create ourselves to block unwanted calls.

New wave of spam with Rosalía, be careful with the number 607122077 1

If we don't want to resort to third-party applications, another option is to use the blocking functions of Android and iOS . In general, it is enough to access the Telephone or Calls application and click on the number in question to restrict your calls, as we can see in the upper screenshot.

The way to proceed if we have a landline or a phone without an operating system is practically identical. In the case of landlines, the normal thing is that we can block telephone numbers through the dial of the device, either by means of a button with the name "List" or "Block" .

I have hired a ringtone, what can I do to unsubscribe?

If we have accidentally contracted one of these services and want to unsubscribe from the subscription, the first thing we will have to do is return the call to the number 607 12 20 77 . The normal thing is that a locution describes us the way in which we will have to proceed to unsubscribe. It may also be the case that an operator answers the call. Otherwise, we will have to contact yes or yes with our telephone operator (Orange, Vodafone, Movistar ...) to request the annuity of the subscription.

If the operator refuses to cancel us, it is best to go directly to the nearest Consumer Office to process a claim.