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Apalabrados is a very popular game nowadays, as it allows both friends and complete strangers from all over the world to compete in language competitions from which we will always learn something. The number of downloads and regular users in the iPhone and Android versions of Apalabrados grows every day, however we want you to know that the social network Facebook has its own version of Apalabrados , with which we can continue challenging our friends from the computer and without leaving the domain of Zuckerberg .

This kind of Scrabble of the digital age aims to get a higher score than your opponent and this is achieved by creating the best words and combinations. The version for Facebook of Apalabrados allows fundamental aspects present in the mobile version such as double word, double and triple letter or the possibility of playing against the chosen friend in several different languages. Then we leave you with direct link to Facebook where you can play for free this adaptation of Apalabrados .

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To start playing Apalabrados, the first thing we have to do is find an opponent. We can connect with a friend from our contact list by inviting him to play within Facebook , challenge a random opponent or write the name of our friend in case he already has a user account in Apalabrados . The goal is to create words (that make sense of course) by placing the tiles vertically or horizontally . The letters can be put in the gaps that we see free or completing and taking advantage of other words already written, although the first word to be placed in the star.

All new words must be connected to those that are already written previously , with which we will end up forming a whole network of letters and words in which the possibilities become greater and greater. The game allows a turn to pass if at any time there is no way to form a meaningful word. Sending a message to your opponent is also allowed, as some players are more impatient than others. The good thing about Apalabrados is that several games can be carried out at the same time, so we will not have to wait for a single player to make their move if we have several open flanks.

When we speak of words "with meaning" we are referring to inventions such as "wasel wasel" or "mctetis" are not valid words. However, there are elements that  are not allowed in word names such as abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes by themselves, words that require a hyphen or apostrophe, and derogatory words or racial slurs. With this in mind, we are going to leave you with the direct link to Facebook where you can continue to expand your vocabulary with  Words .

Play for free on Facebook.