LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG, new sound bars with Dolby Atmos

LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG, high-end sound bars with Dolby Atmos

LG has given us a small brushstroke about the new sound bars that it will present at the next CES 2019. The Korean manufacturer is once again collaborating with audio specialists Meridian to design its high-end sound bars . More specifically at the fair we will see three new models: the  LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG . The three models provide a powerful and multi-dimensional sound to fill any corner of the room. In addition, they are equipped with LG's Artificial Intelligence system.

Meridian Audio continues its collaboration with LG. Next year we will have three sound bars signed by the company specialized in audio. Collaborating with Meridian goes far beyond just sound tuning or simple feature adoption. For example, Bass & Space technology has been included , which enhances the soundstage and envelops the listener in quality sound. It also features Image Elevation technology , which elevates the soundstage in a much more realistic way. This increases the sensation of immersion for the listener, creating a better movie experience and enhancing surround sound.

On the other hand, the new LG SL10YG and its little sisters equip Meridian Upmix technology . This is capable of mixing two channel audio to multiple different channels without distortion. Additionally, it increases sound immersion by enhancing the sound field while enhancing the clarity of lead vocals and instruments.

Dolby Atmos and DTS: X

sound bars LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG

The new sound bars high - end LG support both Dolby Atmos as DTS: X . These two technologies offer object-based surround sound, thus being able to come from multiple directions and depths. In addition, to reinforce the whole, both the LG SL10YG and the other two models are compatible with the LG SPK 8 wireless rear speaker kit .

On the other hand, the new Meridian sound bars include LG's Artificial Intelligence system , with the Google Assistant incorporated. This allows you to control the soundbar using voice commands. We can go from increasing the volume to asking Google who is the artist who sings the song that is playing. In addition, the sound bars are compatible with all smart products that include the Google Assistant, such as lights, thermostats, cameras, etc. So we can control the devices of our smart home directly from the sound bar.

The LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG sound bars have been designed to perfectly match LG OLED TVs. They have an elegant and discreet design, being perfect to place under the television, whether it is hanging or on a piece of furniture. The LG SL9, for example, is only 57 millimeters deep, allowing it to be hung flush against the wall. It even has a built-in gyro sensor that measures the position of the soundbar and adjusts the directionality of the sound to ensure an optimal listening experience.

At the moment LG has not provided a launch date or prices for the new sound bars. We will have to wait for the celebration of CES 2019 to try to find out.

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