Best Alternatives to Airpods on Aliexpress

Best Alternatives to Airpods on Aliexpress

Airpods are Apple's wireless headphones that provide an excellent experience within quality music and maximum voice clarity. However, they have the disadvantage that their price is very high, something that leaves them out of the reach of many users. In this article we present you the 5 best fake Airpods that you can buy on Aliexpress . They will not be as good as the originals, but you will be surprised what they are capable of offering.

Usams wireless headphones 9.69 euros

Usams Wireless Headphones

These Usams are a good option for users looking for cheap Airpods type headphones. Its battery offers a range of up to 3 hours , enough time to enjoy a good number of songs.

Its price is one of the lowest in Aliexpress, so it will be difficult for you to find an alternative that offers more for the same amount of money.

i60 TWS 15.40 euros

i60 TWS

The i60 TWS can be another interesting option for those users looking for a reliable set of headphones. They look like real Apple Airpods, and they feel like one. The best part is that it has some features, which is why this device is worth ranking as one of the recommended fake Airpods in this guide.

The device can also be used as independent headphones if you prefer to use only one headset at a time, something perfect for going out to do sports, and not losing attention to our surroundings.

As for the battery life, you can expect 3-4 hours of use for calls and entertainment with its 50mAh battery. i60 TWS also supports voice assistant , so you won't have to take out your smartphone if you want to give orders.

i1000 TWS 21 euros

i1000 TWS

These i1000 TWS are a low-priced replica, although they are pretty good as a knockoff alternative. These headphones have a smart sensor that detects when the device is on your ear or when it is pulled out.

The i1000 TWS has voice assistant support, so it should be useful if you want to control your smartphone using only the supported Google Voice Assistant and Siri commands . The microphone also offers good sound and HD quality recording.

The battery should last about 4 hours of use , enough time to walk around, watch two movies, or listen to your favorite music.

i2000 TWS 25.49 euros

i2000 TWS

i2000 TWS is another recommended choice as a replacement for Apple Airpods. Aside from the fact that they are very affordable, they also have a list of cool features.

Speaking of features, the i2000 TWS support touch control , so you won't have to take your smartphone out of your pocket to change the volume, change the music to previous or next, receive and end calls.

The device also supports voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant . Just say the magic word and Siri will respond to your command.

These i2000 TWS are powered by a 1536 chip so they are battery efficient and should give you around four hours. Furthermore, the i2000 TWS have wireless charging support through the case.

Airpods Super Copy 39 euros

Airpods Super Copy

These fake Airpods are exactly the same size as the original Apple Airpods, plus they mimic their appearance in every detail such as the touch panel and charging lights.

They offer good sound quality, in addition to other features such as Siri support, automatic startup, automatic pairing, and an 8-pin charging port to mimic Apple as much as possible.

Its Airoha chip makes the quality of these headphones difficult to beat for other fake Airpods, although in return its price is quite high to be a fake.