One Finger Selfie Challenge, the latest viral madness

One Finger Selfie Challenge

One Finger Selfie Challenge is the latest viral phenomenon that is sweeping Japan . It consists of taking naked selfies in front of the mirror, covering the private parts with the index finger. As you can see in the images, the finger that is reflected in the mirror would cover the breasts, and the finger that we see in the foreground would hide the genitals. What is really interesting about this phenomenon is that it would circumvent censorship on social networks, allowing anyone who wishes to upload images of this type and share them.

The history of One Finger Selfie Challenge has its origin in the manga, and from there the Japanese transferred it to the real world. It was an illustration by the artist Sky-FreeDom, published on the Japanese fanart website Pixiv , that gave the idea. In it we can see a manga girl doing this type of selfie in which she covers her chest and crotch with her own finger. Given the censorship in social networks and the desire of the Japanese for manga, the phenomenon has not taken long to become the latest viral madness of the moment in the Asian country.

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The phenomenon has become even more widespread because it is able to bypass censorship on social networks, where we know that uploading explicit nude photos is really impossible. Facebook and Instagram , for example, allow nudity, but as long as neither the genitals nor the nipples are visible. With this method, anyone could share an image showing part of their body without reporting or deleting it. As you can see in the photos, there are many Japanese who have started to practice this One Finger Selfie Challenge.It has not only been the Japanese who are turning to this viral phenomenon, some men are also uploading nude images. Although men's torsos are not censored, they are following the same pattern, as dictated by the fashion started by artist Sky-FreeDom.

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The fact of censoring nudity on social networks is an issue that has brought a long tail and generates a lot of controversy. For example, in the case of Facebook , Zuckerberg's platform allows the uploading of photos of women breastfeeding their babies, but is very blunt with full nudity. Facebook's policy is clear. As they reveal, they restrict the exhibition of nudes to prevent some sectors of their community, who do not agree with the sharing of this type of images, from feeling bad, either due to culture or age.

In cases of minor violations, Facebook temporarily suspends the account, being able to recover it again within 24 hours. If the violation is considered serious, the social network could permanently delete that account. Since Instagram is now owned by Facebook , they follow a similar policy, banning these types of photos. Other social networks such as Twitter or Snapchat are also quite blunt on this issue.

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