Drivy launches a service to rent your rental car and reduce costs

Drivy launches a service to rent your rental car and reduce costs

If you are thinking of buying cars for your company, it may be more profitable for you to take advantage of the renting modality . Vehicle renting is more convenient and cheaper than buying cars. It is a vehicle rental option in which a monthly fee is paid and the vehicles, owned by the renting company, are available only when the company so requires. In this way, you are saving having a fleet of vehicles owned.

Drivy and the future of carsharing

Now, Drivy, a platform in which users can rent a car to carry out daily activities and only pay for the use they make of it, forgetting about maintenance, has just launched a renting offer through the website www.rentingcompartido .com, a platform with three years of existence in the Spanish market and 2 million users in Europe. This type of renting, available for the moment only in Barcelona and Madrid, includes Drivy Open technology, with which you can open the car from your smartphone.


If you hire a vehicle for rent from the company and activate the car 14 days a month, including two weekends, the monthly rental fee is reduced by half . In this way, the Drivy company wants to bring the philosophy of carsharing closer to all users who do not yet know it, so that they consider this alternative before deciding to buy their own car. In addition, this would mean an economic injection for Drivy itself, which could renew its fleet of cars to adapt it to current times.

One situation, that of carsharing, which can be an advantage for both platform users and car owners . The former can obtain vehicles without the need to spend a large amount of money or own them. There are users who need the car but only for periods of time. And the car owner, having that extra income, can keep the car at a minimum cost of 0 or below.