Vote by mail does not arrive: so you can request it online for the 2019 Elections

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Despite the fact that the deadline for submitting the vote by mail for the 2019 Elections through the nearest Post Office ended on the 24th of this month, Correos has announced that said deadline will be extended until next Thursday the 25th . With less than a week until the 2019 General Elections are held, many users have reported through Twitter and Facebook that the vote by mail has not arrived. If this is your case, today we will show you how to request it online if the vote by mail does not arrive .

How to order online voting by mail if you have not arrived yet

To request the vote by mail in the event that we have not reached the indicated address, the first thing we will have to do is access the official page of the National Institute of Statistics through this link. In the event that a blank page is shown to us or it does not load correctly, we will have to search Google for "consultation of the processing status of mail-in voting requests" and access the page that is shown to us in the first Outcome. If it still does not load, we will have to wait for the service to be restored again, given the high traffic on the platform.

vote by mail has not arrived

Then, we will enter our ID and our date of birth in the respective boxes where the page indicates them. Once we have logged into the National Institute page, we will be shown a screen with the status of the voting by mail procedure. The screen in question must be similar to this:

vote by mail does not arrive

Among all the data that the system shows us, the one that interests us is the Certificate Code . Once we have copied it to the clipboard, the next thing we will have to do is access the Shipment Locator on the Correos page through this link.

The next step to locate the vote by mail will be to paste the previous certificate code in the box that the Post Office page indicates . When we have entered it, the system will show us the status of sending the vote by mail.

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At this point, it may be the case that the system shows us the status of the shipment In delivery or In the Post Office box. In both cases, it is advisable to contact the same Post Office where we have requested the vote by mail either by phone or in person to ensure that the vote is indeed in the office.

If so, it is best to collect the vote in person to speed up the voting process with the DNI and the receipt that the Post Office provided us when we requested the vote by mail.

How to submit the vote by mail once we have received it

If we already have the vote in hand, the process to vote by mail is very simple, as we saw in the article on how to vote by mail from Spain and abroad.

vote by mail elections 2019

Once we have selected and filled out the respective ballots with our candidates for the Senate and Congress, we will have to introduce both the envelopes with the ballots and the voter registration certificate included in the original envelope in the envelope enabled to exercise the right to vote. The latter is very important, since without the census certificate the vote will not be valid.

Finally, we will send the vote back to our closest Post Office , which may or may not be the same one where we requested it at the beginning. Again we will have to use our ID to verify that we are the person casting the vote and digitally sign the envelope to validate the vote.