How to schedule tweets from Twitter without external tools

How to schedule tweets from Twitter without external tools

The ability to edit a posted tweet will have to wait. The platform has announced a new feature on the social network, which is already available to some users. This is the function of scheduling tweets without the need for an external tool. So we can schedule tweets from Twitter. 

This feature was announced a few months ago, but has not started reaching some users so far. The social network adds a new icon when writing and publishing a tweet so that we can program it. At the moment , this feature is only coming to the desktop version . The implementation is being staggered, so it will likely take a few days to reach your account.

Steps to schedule a tweet from Twitter


How can we schedule the tweets? First, go to your Twitter account from your browser. Then start writing a tweet from the top area. Next to the GIF gallery, survey and emoji icons, the new button to schedule will appear. If we click on the icon, a new pop-up window will open with the programming options. 

We can choose the date and time we want the tweet to be published . The platform gives us a two-year limit for programming. So no, you will not be able to make a tweet be published in 2030. After choosing the time and date, a notice will appear in the upper area of ​​the tweet. The 'tweet' button will change to 'schedule'. If we click on this button, the tweet will be added to the scheduled list and will be published automatically on the exact date.

How to view or delete a scheduled tweet

schedule tweets

As users we can eliminate that programming. We just have to go to the button at the bottom and click on 'scheduled tweets' . Then, click on the 'edit' button and select the tweets you want to delete. Finally, click on the 'Delete' button that appears in the upper area.

Without a doubt, it is a very good tool for those users or accounts that constantly schedule tweets . Of course, those third-party tools that were exclusively dedicated to this option will have to reinvent themselves.