Hatchimals, the stuffed Tamagotchi that are born only if you play with them


Those who have played with the Tamagotchi (or other similar virtual pets) in their childhood have known the illusion and impatience of waiting for the bug to grow little by little. Now the Hatchimals arrive as an evolution of the Tamagotchi but in real life: they are stuffed toys that are acquired inside an egg and that will only be born if they are played with.

Shake and turn the egg so that the toy hatches

The Hatchimals are some interactive toys reminiscent enough to the idea of the original Tamagotchi or even the Furby . The company that created them, Spin Master, wanted to develop a toy that was born only in the hands of its owner, in such a way that children can see it hatch after a certain time and not at the moment of purchase.

The idea is simple: like a chick in nature, the Hatchimal will not hatch until the egg incubation process has finished. And it is the owner of the toy who will be responsible for raising it during this period.

In order to incubate the egg and make it hatch, Hatchimals owners will have to play with it (stroking, turning, hitting and moving the shell) and the hatchling will gradually break the egg until it hatches completely.

The interaction between the children and the egg is possible thanks to touch technology: the sensors can respond to blows to the shell, twists, shakes and strokes. In fact, by gently tapping the shell, the Hatchimal responds, and by stroking the surface of the egg from above or below it will light up and also make some sound.

The Hatchimal will be ready to hatch when the incubation process is complete (this point can be reached with approximately 30 minutes of continuous play).

In the first place, it will begin to hit the shell at different points, until it breaks the upper part to pop its head, and it will finally end up getting rid of the rest of the shell to completely hatch and begin its toy life. Luckily for the impatient, the wait will have been worth it: the new pet offers many interaction options for children.


In the first days, it will have a Hatchimal baby behavior and then it will evolve into an adult, in an idea that is somewhat reminiscent of the Tamagotchi (they changed in size and shape as the days passed).

In the case of the Hatchimal , the behavior and way of feeding changes: in the first days it will be possible to "feed" it directly by gently tapping the animal's beak, and later on it will be able to perform complex actions such as dancing or playing with the child.

Penguins and koalas in eggs

The first Hatchimals on the market will be available in two different series, inspired by mixes of dragons + penguins or dragons + koalas. They have been put on sale at the beginning of October and in Spain they are available on the Amazon website for prices ranging from 75 to 100 euros, depending on the model. The brand has ensured that in the future it will incorporate new animals to its range of Hatchimals .