Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 receives February security update

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 receives February security update

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016? Well, get going, because the Samsung company has just launched what would be the February security update , a data package that you should install as soon as possible, once it reaches your mobile phone.

The update itself is being rolled out in Europe progressively (as is usual with most updates), so that the data package should arrive in our country from one moment to the next .

And what does it bring with it? In total, what users can expect are a total of 50 specific corrections for the operating system, developed specifically by Google, in addition to a good number of patches created by Samsung, which correct specific bugs of the Korean phones, in this case, of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016.

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Upgrading your equipment will cost you nothing. All you have to do is wait to receive the notification, although if you still do not have it on your mobile, you can access the Settings section > About the device> Updates> Update now and check if it is available. If you can't find it, don't worry, it should arrive shortly.

If it is ready to be installed on your Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, first remember to have the phone well prepared, because the update arrives via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), that is, through the air or without the need for cables. Charge the device's battery well and make sure it is at least 50% full .

You must also be connected to a WiFi network that can guarantee stability during the download process and have made a backup of all your contents and settings.

Finally, we recommend you check if you have enough space in the memory of your Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 , because although it is not a very heavy update, you will need some space to store it.